Book Promotion: Mortiswood: Evil Rising by Gina Dickerson

mw3 poster 1

Hey you lovely lot!

I’ve got a book promotion for you all today. It’s one that I, personally, think sounds amazing despite having not read any of the others in the series. Looks like this is going to be another series to add to my ever-growing TBR pile!

If this gorgeous cover catches your eye, you can find all the details below!

new 2018 3

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Fresh Starts and New Beginnings

For a long time, I’ve been writing posts finding a job, getting to the gym and wanting to write.

Finally, after all this time, I can say I’m achieving those things and life is being kind.

I started my new job as a marketing assistant just over a month ago and I’m loving it! The people are really nice and the commute is fine – definitely not saying no to guaranteed reading time every day.

I’m getting the hang of the actual job now and even survived a week without my manager there; figuring everything out for myself was rewarding. I went from staring at the screen to understanding what I needed to do, with only minimal help from others.

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Book Review: Hangman by Daniel Cole

Hangman 2

Synopsis: How do you catch a killer who’s already dead?’

Eighteen months have passed, but the scars the Ragdoll murders left behind remain.

DCI Emily Baxter is summoned to a meeting with US Special Agents Elliot Curtis of the FBI and Damien Rouche of the CIA. There, she is presented with photographs of the latest copycat murder: a body contorted into a familiar pose, strung up impossibly on the other side of the world, the word BAIT carved deep into its chest.

As the media pressure intensifies, Baxter is ordered to assist with the investigation and attend the scene of another murder to discover the same word scrawled across the victim, carved across the corpse of the killer – PUPPET.

As the murders continue to grow in both spectacle and depravity on both sides of the Atlantic, the team helplessly play catch up. Their only hope: to work out who the ‘BAIT’ is intended for, how the ‘PUPPETS’ are chosen but, most importantly of all, who is holding the strings. 

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Book Review: Broken Branches by Ben Ellis

Broken Branches 1

Synopsis: All men are sterile. Fertility drugs are given only to couples whose genetic matches are approved. Those without a family history to prove their genetic heritage are outcast from society. 

Grace is a broken branch. As an orphan, she has no link to The National Family Tree, so she and her husband, Tom, are ecstatic when they’re approved to have a baby. But that was the easy part. Grace’s twin brother inadvertently gets a girl pregnant after a one-night stand, and his girlfriend isn’t happy because it should’ve been her. Both sets of parents soon become the target of a violent terrorist group that advocates genetic purity. To make matters worse, there’s something strange about the unborn children that’s attracting government attention.

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TBR: Fictional Book Bucketlist (#1)

All book-bloggers have this problem: looking at their TBR pile and having no idea what to read next.

I’ve been so caught up on reviews and ARCs the last year or so that I haven’t stopped to think about what authors/series have been on my TBR pile for years that I still haven’t got around to. ARCs are great, don’t get me wrong, but I need to find a bit of a balance!

I’ve put together the top books/series that I’m hoping to get through sometime soon. I think they will all be trips to the library as I don’t own any of them:

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Book Review: Eden’s Trial by Barry Kirwan

Eden Trial 1

Synopsis: First contact didn’t go well. Survivors are fleeing Earth, into a hostile galaxy where alien intelligence and weaponry rule. Can a deserted planet offer refuge? Or will the genetically engineered Alicians finish the job started on Eden. While Blake fends off attacks, Micah seeks allies, but his plan backfires, and humanity finds itself on trial for its very right to exist.

This stunning sequel to The Eden Paradox launches us into alien political intrigue and intergalactic war of survival.



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My Year So Far

This post was a blank screen for quite a while.

I haven’t finished the show I planned to review and didn’t know what to post.

This might end up the most rambling post I’ve done, but oh well!


Then I did copywriting training at work and was completely inspired. I’ve worked hard on the blog this year and had the page views to prove it has paid off. I didn’t want to skip a post just because I was behind on reviews.

As I’ve been getting a few more views in 2018 than previously, I thought I’d take a look at what posts have been performing well and which have been my favourite so far this year (I know it’s only March so how can I really judge? But let’s just roll with it!)

Top post of the year

Friend Request 1Friend Request by Laura Marshall. To be fair, this is the top post of my blog by a long shot. I don’t know what I got right with this review, but it’s been getting hits steadily since I posted it. It’s outstripped any other post by literally a couple of hundred views.

For some, these figures may be a bad day. But for me, this post is insane!

Top post published in 2018

Eden Paradox 1The Eden Paradox by Barry Kirwan. I’m really pleased about this. I reviewed this book for a tour hosted by the wonderful Neverland and got completely drawn into the world and characters.

This is the first time a blog tour has encouraged me to read the rest of the series and I regret nothing so far!

Favourite post of the year

The Year of Saying Yes 1The Year of Saying Yes by Hannah Doyle. This book really got me thinking about my own life. Even now, two months after reading it, I’m texting my sister, claiming I want to do something the character does.

Talk about impact! A book has never had this effect on me before. Sure, I’ve loved books and been inspired by them, but not to the point of making life changes!

Looking at my stats made me realise that book posts do far better than television/film ones. I enjoy writing them more as well. Maybe that is what comes across?

I was stressing about not having my review done for this morning, but now I’ve let it go.

In fact, I think there might be a few less television/film reviews. I will still be writing them (I still enjoy examining how I feel). But now my schedule has changed, I just can’t get through the amount I need: one series can easily be 23 episodes long, so trying to get one done for each week? Not possible for me at the moment.

I also wasn’t letting myself watch shows that I genuinely wanted to, just because they weren’t on my review schedule. As soon as I realised that, I knew something had to change.


I hope this wasn’t too rambly for you! What’s been your favourite book this year?


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