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My ambition for some time now has been to start a blog seriously. I know I write reviews on one, and ramblings on another. But I wanted to do one properly and so, with the help of a very dear friend (PromptsbyDee), I have decided to start again and try and join the blogging world properly. Besides, it is now a New Year and isn’t that exactly the sort of thing people should be doing; making resolutions they’ll never be able to keep?

Well, this is mine. My resolution. My aim. My hope that I can actually do this and not forget about it in a week or so

As of yet, I’m not entirely sure what direction this blog is going to take. I imagine there will be a few reviews of both products and entertainment. There will most likely be ramblings, especially as I tackle the final part of university and try and find my way in the big, scary real world. But I’m also hoping to lean it towards article based things as well. I haven’t been writing them for long and it is only for an online student magazine the times that I have written articles. I’ve found, however, that I’ve really enjoyed writing them and would love to branch out and do some for myself rather than just for there.

So, what is there to know about me?

Nothing very interesting, I must admit.

I’m in my final year at university, studying Film and Writing. Each day that passes makes me want to be able to write for a living even more, although I know that might just be a hobby or a dream rather than a reality. I’m a self-confessed workaholic who worries far too much and has the most fun when curled up with either the laptop or a good book. Tea is a must-have, coffee is a no. Chocolate makes the world go round while spicy things are just evil.

Apart from that, there isn’t really much I can say. Only I hope you like whatever you find here and to bear with a newbie blogger who doesn’t know what she is doing. Especially as linking to pages on wordpress seems to be my doom right now.

So will I be able to keep to this resolution and actually get this blog running properly? I guess only time will tell.

Happy New Year.





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