New Year’s Resolutions


I’m a little late to do a proper New Year’s post. And the fact I even now have this blog means one of my resolutions is coming true. But still, I wanted to get something up as I’m still trying to find my feet a little here.

It is a New Year and so many people will take that as a chance to have a fresh start. I guess I’m one of them, for I am determined that a few things will get themselves sorted this year.


Here are just a few of the things that I want to achieve this year:

Write: starting this blog was a way of helping that come true. But if I’m ever going to pursue my dream to be a writer, it’s time to stop making that take a back-bench. So the plan is to write, write, write. Articles, reviews, blogs, stories – you name it, I want to write it. And, of course, the big one – the novel. By the end of the year, I actually want to feel like I’ve made progress on it.

Be healthy: this seems a very generic New Year’s resolution. But I’ve had health issues for the last few years and would love to be able to leave them behind me. And in this I’m including mental health. I think it might be time to stop denying there are times that I need help and do something about it.

Increase my confidence: I’m awful. I never think that I’m good enough for anything. Part of this is thinking about joining the gym to make sure that I feel good in myself (and will help with the health). But I would love to stand up and say what I can do rather than what I can’t do.

Graduate: I guess this one should be further up the list. Or should be graduate with a good degree. For either way, university will be ending this year and it will be time for the real world. However, when I finish uni, I want to do it with my head held high and to be able to look back on everything I’ve learnt and be proud of what I have achieved.

Find a job: again, I guess this is a generic one. But I honestly feel that if I can’t achieve this one, some of the other things (confidence mainly) will disappear. I want life to begin when I graduate and am determined that I will find something, even if it is not what I want. Anything that gets me going right now is good by me.


So there are my five resolutions. I think some are going to be easier than others. But I’m excited to start trying to focus on things that I want to do properly and am hoping that is enough motivation to get me going. After all, I’ve managed to start the blog after months of saying I will, so that has to be a good start.




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