Inspirational Places

Inspiration 1

As a writer, there are certain things I find really help with creating inspiration. I have recently just spent a few days back at uni in order to work on my dissertation, and for me that means writing my novel.

It’s too easy to not venture outside when I get into the writing spirit. But getting out was important and I knew just where to go.

This is an old graveyard found in the centre of Cambridge. It is next door to the university, and yet seems as if it is in another world. It is one of my favourite places to go, yet I know how that might sound creepy. Here are my reasons though.

It’s beautiful. Most of it has been given back to nature. It is no longer in use as a graveyard, so the tombs and the trees have combined. In spring, flowers actually grow over some of the graves. On a nice day, there are birds singing, squirrels scurrying and the sun shining. It isn’t unnerving the fact it is a graveyard, not when it looks like that.

It’s quiet. Living in a city, especially near to a train station and surrounding by students means it is not often I can find some time where the traffic and the noise just drains away. Although being close to a main road, you can barely hear a thing. I never thought about the saying of stepping through time until I found this place, but now I know what it means. You could literally be anywhere at anytime and it would feel the same.

Inspiration 2

It’s different. There are plenty of greens and gorgeous parks found throughout Cambridge. But they are all there for commercial value and on a sunny day, are literally crawling with people. The graveyard doesn’t get that. Even with people there, it is peaceful and isolated. Sometimes that is not what you want, but at other times, just being alone is perfect.

Do you have a particular place you find yourself seeking sanctuary in? For that is the only true description I can give this place; my sanctuary. My place to go when the world gets too much and I just want a time out. I think it is important for everyone to have places like these, a chance to breathe and be yourself.

While I’m at uni, this is mine. What’s yours?



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