Grimm – Series 1 Review


What if all of the stories we knew, all of the fairytales about monsters, were more than stories? What if they were true? Grimm is about precisely that; the nightmares we had as children about the shadows in the corner are actually true.

Detective Nick Burkhardt lives an ordinary life – at least, as ordinary as it can get when he is a police officer. He is preparing to propose to his long term girlfriend and his cop partner has his back, no matter what. But when his aunt – the woman who raised him – turns up in Portland without warning, Nick finds his life turned completely upside down.

His aunt is dying of cancer. But her remaining time is cut short when a mysterious figure attacks her in the shadows. Before she departs, Marie has just enough time to warn Nick of what is going on – of who he is. For Nick is no ordinary cop, but a descendant from the Grimms – the ones who are destined to not only fight these creatures, but in actual fact are the only ones who can see them.

Nick soon discovers that they are not rare – the different species are all over Portland and their violent tendencies means the police are often right on their tails (sometimes literally) without truly being aware of what they are looking for. Despite being determined not to be a Grimm who automatically kills every creature (as was the case in the past), Nick finds himself out of his depth about what he is supposed to be doing.

But he is not alone. It doesn’t take long before he befriends Monroe, a Blutbad (type of wolf) and has him as not only a voice of reason in the madness, but someone who can help provide the answers to all the strange events surrounding him. But with no one else being able to see what he can, and mysterious figures of darkness coming after him, Nick slowly finds himself realising that his aunt was right all along. His life as he knew it can no longer happen, he has to adjust.

Even if it wasn’t for the cliffhanger on the final episode, I would have found myself looking forward to the next series anyway. The characters are well developed and likeable. The plot lines are well thought out and, unlike a lot of other series, there are connections throughout the whole series rather than it just being an episode of the week type structure. The banter between Nick and his cop partner Hank, and Nick and Monroe has laugh out loud moments, while the action and threat coming from the monsters leaves you on the edge of your seat.

One of the best series that I’ve watched for a while. There are moments where you might squirm slightly at some of the more gruesome parts, but in general, it serves as pure entertainment from beginning to end. Everything you would want in a mystical, science-fiction based series, you find in Grimm.



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