The Body Shop Every Day Products


When it comes to skincare and beauty products, my absolute main place to start is with The Body Shop. As I now have so many of their products, I thought I would write something about it.

I won’t cover skincare as that has been mentioned in a previous post. So here are some of my favourite make-up products from them.


Lips: As a general day-to-day product, Lip Care Translucent is a definite must. It applies smoothly and cannot be seen, meaning it’s great for just nourishment if you aren’t drawing attention to your lips. It has the shape and applies as a lipstick and is one of the best lip balms I’ve ever come across.

I have just ventured out into lipsticks and The Body Shop offer some great colours. They apply well and last an average time. I did find if I had dry lips it just seemed to flake, but by putting lip balm on first, it made the application a lot smoother.

But when it comes to going out, their peach lip-gloss is my favourite: enough of a shimmer and sparkle you can see it, but nothing too overpowering.


Eyes: The Body Shop’s mascara scored points with me. I have always had to be particular with what mascara I use, so was wary about trying it. I shouldn’t have been – it applies easily and causes no problems.

When it comes to eye-shadow, however, I don’t even know where to start. I have to admit to being a little disappointed with the Frosted Eye Palette – the blue in particular does not seem to be bold enough to actually see it at all. But that is the first time I’ve not been satisfied with a look. The colour crush range is fantastic; you can range from bold to subtle depending on your taste. I aim for the subtle end with light blues and greys. They go on smoothly and last a considerable length of time. They do wear off as the day goes on, but I’ve always been happy with what I get from them.


Cheeks: I have a very pale complexion so I have to be careful when it comes to blushers that I don’t make myself look like a clown. So the Shimmer Waves was perfect for me, again because it just gives you a shimmer rather than an actual colour per se. Not to mention you can chose how strong you want it for each occasion simply but which way you run the brush over it. If I do want a bolder look, I find I have to press the brush quite hard in order to get enough up, however.


These are just a few of my every-day products from The Body Shop. It has turned into a running joke with how many of their products I now own, so I’m sure they will keep popping up over different beauty posts over the next few months.

Are there any you have tried and liked? Let me know!



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