Revisiting Resolutions (January)


At the beginning of the year, I made myself some resolutions about what I wanted to achieve this year. So I decided as a way of seeing if I can actually stick to them, at the end of each month I would write a post seeing how I’ve been getting on for that particular month.

So here is the summary of January for me:


Write: Well, it’s been a good start. I’m actually quite pleased with how much of the novel I have been able to write. Of course, it helps that it is also my dissertation so I have an excuse to work on it. But still, although it has been fighting back, progress has been made.

Articles etc haven’t done too badly – I got this blog running for one thing. But I’m struggling to find inspiration of things to write about now, so just have to hope that I can keep it up. I’m finding the same is true for the online magazine I write for as well. However, I might have been able to get myself some more experience writing for something else once I’m back at uni, so I guess that is a step in the right direction? Let’s just hope that it comes off.

download (1)


Be Healthy: I’m not really sure what I can say here considering I am currently on antibiotics for sinusitis. I guess what I can say is that I’m trying. I’ve got a few things that I want to try when I get back to uni –hot water and lemon, for instance – and there have been quite a few doctor’s trips this holiday. So although I can’t say I’ve done too well in this month, hopefully it will mean everything will be set up for next when things start to take affect and I feel the difference rather than still waiting. Even so, I’ve got my vitamins and I’m trying, so here is hoping that is enough to start turning things around.


Confidence: Again, not really happening yet. I want to try and experiment more with make-up etc – again when I’m back at uni – and just see if I can make myself feel a bit better when I’m going out. It’s hard when it is at home because you’re stuck in your comfort zone and don’t want your family asking what you are doing whereas at university, you’ve got the freedom to find out what you want to do and no one to stop you. Well, hopefully your friends if you look like an idiot, but there we go.


Job and Graduation: Lumping these two together because there isn’t much progress. Uni is just about to start back up and I’ve been applying for a few things to no result, so not really a lot to report on this one.


Overall, I would say that I’m feeling pretty happy about how January has gone. It’s more been a case of setting things up, but that is fine by me. With any luck, it means February will be fabulous.

How are you getting on with yours?



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