Revisiting Resolutions (February)


A month ago I was writing a post about how my year was going so far. Right now, I’m thinking more where is my year going rather than how. But here we are, at the end of February already. Time for a little reflection on how things have gone.

In two words?

Not great.

To be fair, it’s not entirely been my fault. The sinusitis that I started the month with is still around, even after two lots of antibiotics. I am now currently on three things for the next month in order to try and shift it. So that has meant rather a lot of feeling rubbish and not a lot of anything else because my head has decided to spend the month exploding rather than helping me make something of myself.

Things haven’t all been bad though. I had the terrifying first draft meeting for my dissertation and now know what I need to do. Of course, doing it is far easier said than done, but it’s underway. Getting into my character’s head is proving to have interesting consequences. It seems to put me in an extreme writing mood, so I’m certainly making the most of it. I’m hoping that I can find a structure that will allow me to work on the novel part of it around working on it for my dissertation. I’m not sure that makes sense. But they are one and the same, only the dissertation is just a small part of it.

download (1)

What else? I know! I’ve been trying to do a few bits for me lately as well. I’ve splurged on a couple of things. I went to the cinema and planning to go again tomorrow (admittedly sort of relating it to uni work, but that’s not the point). Although that hasn’t exactly gone to plan either because of my head, but I’ve been trying to give myself some time out. I won’t be able to when work gets really crazy, but for now… Besides, going to the cinema is technically needed for my course.

Still no news on the job front, although not through lack of trying. I had a really good couple of hours last week and applied for five different jobs. Some are already no’s, just waiting to hear on the others and planning to have another session like that later today. The worst they can do is say no, so just going to apply and see what happens. After all, you never know.

I was also getting myself into a couple of habits that were getting to the point of obsessive. I’m trying to sort them out – one I gave up for lent and one I’m putting a plan of action in place as from today to see what happens. I don’t like feeling that something else is controlling me, and stopping one made me notice the other, so hopefully by the end of March everything will be in control.

So generally not a great month, but my determination is still there which has to count for something, right?

How is the year going for everyone else?


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