Clearing Out


Over the last few weeks, I’ve found myself having a bit of a clear out of old things. In a way, it feels like letting go of some of my childhood. The old backstreet boys CDs are gone, as are the Narnia films. I’m currently utterly destroying my bookshelf in order to send the books off to my younger cousins, knowing I have grown out of them but wanting them to at least go to a good home.

It feels strange.

And yet it feels really good.

The last few years haven’t been easy for me. I burnt myself out during my A-Levels, was rushed into my first university course that I hated. I subsequently dropped out and found myself depressed for a few years. Although I like to think life is back on track, I still struggle with my self-confidence.


Somehow, having that much of a clear out has helped. Things that I know I’m never going to watch or listen to again have no space in my room anymore. I would rather fill it with things that reflect the person that I have become in the last few years. If I have to move home after graduation, I don’t want to look around and be reminded of the times where things have gone wrong.

I have always been quite good at keeping on top of clearing out clothes. But it felt strangely refreshing to be able to do it for objects as well. There is something therapeutic about going through the cupboards and seeing what you can find. The memories that may be uncovered might make you laugh or cry, but it’s good to let those emotions out.

Although the job is now done so it’s not one that can be repeated often, I’m glad I did it. I feel like I was letting go of a part of me. The part of me that should have gone a long time ago. It’s not that items can really hold you back, but to be able to open a drawer and not see it full of things you have no interest in feels good.

Not to mention that I can get a touch obsessive when it comes to keeping things clean and tidy. The fact that I now have a little extra space to get things out of sight I think is going to be more beneficial to me. Tidy surfaces, tidy mind, that’s how I always think about it.

There is always going to be rubbish to throw away. But especially if you’ve gone through a stage in your life that you just want to forget, I would definitely recommend having a bit of a clear out. It’s therapy for the soul, letting go of everything that is a reminder of a time long gone that you have no intention of bringing back. There might be some things you find you forgot you even owned and it was just what you were looking for all along.


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