Alphas – Series 1 Review


Created by Michael Karnow and Zak Penn, Alphas is based on the idea there are some humans amongst us that have developed special abilities.

Upon reading the synopsis, I initially wondered if this was going to be something like Heroes. However, I was completely wrong and it was a refreshing new series that I enjoyed thoroughly from beginning to end.

Doctor Rosen is a therapist who studies the `alphas` – understanding how their ability works and tracking down those who either need his help or who might be using their powers to cause chaos. However, he doesn’t work alone, but with his own team of people with abilities. Their team work enables their abilities to work alongside one another and their personalities/outside lives means they all have the different expertise needed to find those who might be in danger.

However, they are not the only alphas out there, and a terrorist group known only as `Red Flag` seeks to not only make the abilities known to the public, but are prepared to do whatever it takes in order to get what they want, even if that means murder. Rosen’s team come close to meeting their match more than once as they struggle to defeat the terrorists. Against normal criminals, they are practically unstoppable. But against others like them – even with different abilities – it’s not that easy.

Also complicating matters is that while the team is technically under the authorisation of the government, no one quite understands what the team is capable of and therefore they withhold trust, something that is crucial for the team to know what they are up against. After all, they only have ideas about what happens to the people they have no choice but to turn in; the last thing they want is to have to confront their own nightmares.

As mentioned before, the show was something refreshing and new I had no come across before. The characters all have very defining personalities and not just because of their unique abilities. The show somehow seems to get across people that would be nothing short of irritating in other situations and makes it work; you feel for all of the people involved because life truly does seem to be giving them a hard time on a daily basis and they don’t let that stop them.

The show has the underlying current of the team attempting to go up against Red Flag and the ultimate show-down between the two groups. However, there is an “episode of the week” feel to it that focuses each plot on a certain character in order to develop their characteristics and motivations. Not that it detracts from the enjoyment of the show, it simply makes you feel more for the characters.

The ending left it open to the second series very obviously and I’m looking forward to seeing how things conclude for the team in the next series now things have been turned on their heads so much.

Definitely a recommendation for the series, thoroughly enjoyable and good entertainment.



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