Jumpers V Hoodies


During my teenage years, I found that I completely lived in hoodies, usually the baggier the better. You could snuggle in and just generally be really comfortable and warm in them, no matter what you were doing.

But I’ve found as I’ve got older, I actually prefer just having a nice jumper rather than a hoody.

I think the main thing it comes down to is the fit. Hoodies are supposed to be a little on the big side, it’s part of their charm. You want to bury yourself in the folds of the material and pull the hood as low as it will go as a way of hiding away from the world.

Maybe it was just the ones that I had. But they weren’t that flattering for me and now I’m trying to focus more on improving my confidence, I find that a nice jumper makes me feel a lot better about how I look. They can look smart, cute, sophisticated or cosy depending on what style you have brought; meaning they can be used for anything.

My favourite brand at the moment is definitely Henry Holland. Admittedly they are usually way out of my price range, but whenever there is a sale on I definitely have a browse through. Some of the patterns can be a little odd when you take a second look, but they fit me perfectly. The designs can be really cute and I just feel with Henry Holland that I’m wearing something that reflects my personality; they fit well so they look nice, but also are a bit of fun and not just something boring.

However, I was treated to a jumper the other day that isn’t a particular make. It has a higher neck line than most of my jumpers and the pattern/colour (white with a couple of black stripes) meant that it could look really smart. I wore it with black jeans and just had my hair in a ponytail the first time I wore it, and have to admit that I was really pleased with how sophisticated it looked (and I felt!). That’s what I’ve been aiming for all along – the feeling nice rather than the looking it as such.

But… although I thought myself to be a convert, my sister bought me a hoody for Christmas and I love it. It is a gap one and the colour suits me so well. I think what I like about this one so much is that it fits me perfectly. It isn’t baggy or lose, but just a nice fit. Thanks to that, it means I feel good in it rather than feeling like I’m looking a mess.

For me at the moment, it is all about confidence. I’m picking the clothes that I feel nicer in, regardless of how they look. I tend to think that if you feel good, that will be reflected in the way that you look as well. Confidence building means finding the style that suits you best and this seems to be it for me.

Do you have a preference between the two?Tag

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