Sunday Night Therapy

Sunday Night 1

It’s a Sunday night and the week ahead is looming. You might be looking forward to it. You might be dreading it.

But I know I for one try and greet it feeling the best that I can. I tend to use Sunday nights as a little bit of a pampering session. You’ve survived one week. You’ve made it through the weekend. Now it’s time to gear yourself up for the week ahead.

Here is a few of the things that I do to feel great!

A long hot shower. It’s amazing what the hot water can do. But it’s more than that. I take the chance to give my hair a wash. Have a shave. Use the exfoliator gloves that I treated myself to a while back. In other words, giving your body (and hair) a bit of TLC and a reviving session.

Moisturise. I’m hopeless at remembering to put moisturiser on during the week. So to apologise for this fact, I go all the way on a Sunday night. I find The Body Shop Body Butter is my favourite for my arms, stomach and feet. It’s not too thick and not too watery either, not to mention the gorgeous flavours means you can find the one that best suits you. But for my legs it’s always been Johnson’s Baby Lotion. There is just something about it – not to mention the smell – that just leaves me feeling good.

Sunday Night

Then I turn my attention to my face – a daunting task at best! After tweaking my eyebrows back into shape, I take the time out to do a face mask. Again, it’s The Body Shop for me with their 3-in-1 Blue Corn mask. It always makes my skin feel so refreshed and deeply cleansed after using it and is one of my favourite parts of the evening.

It’s onto nails after that. By this point, last week’s nail varnish has half chipped off, they’re broken, out of shape and just a mess. I get them nice and clean, short again (hate long nails) and shaped. Then I always give my cuticles a bit of a treat –Premier Cuticle Therapy is what I’m using at the moment and a good session with the hand cream. It’s the one time of the week I dig out my more expensive hand-cream and give my hands some proper nourishment. Then if I’m in the mood, I tend to paint my nails and just get things ready for the next week.

Sometimes I end the evening by straightening my hair. Sometimes I don’t bother, it depends what I am up to in the first part of the week as to whether it needs to look more presentable or not. After all of that, I’m always nice and relaxed so just top it off with some camomile tea and sleep – early to bed if I can, but that doesn’t normally work. There I am, ready to face the week ahead!

How about you? Do you have any sort of routine? Let me know!



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