The 100 – Series 2 Review

The 100 1

Blood will have blood.

Never before has a quote so perfectly summed up an entire series. The second series of The 100 is far darker than the first, full of murder and revenge, betrayal and heartbreak from the very beginning. No action goes without a consequence and all the characters – from the likeable to the evil – must find this out for themselves.

The second series picks up where the first left off, with chaos reigning as the Grounder army lays scattered. But the danger isn’t over for Clarke and her friends, for they find themselves prisoners in Mount Weather, where things are not as they seem. While Bellamy and Finn struggle to find them – and deal with Murphy – the rest of the Arc makes it to the ground. A happy occasion is destroyed by the threat of war. It is not only against the Grounders this time, but on a far larger scale that could destroy them all.

New allies and new enemies threatens everything.
New allies and new enemies threatens everything.

As mentioned, there is a new level of darkness in the second series. Not so much in regards to the events, but because of the characters. When decisions are made that have consequences, those consequences are lethal. Finn and Clarke must make choices that could cost them not only their lives, but their souls in order to protect those they love. When people are in danger, there seems to be no line that won’t be crossed in order to protect them, regardless of the cost to others. Clarke’s character development is extreme compared to the innocent girl who appeared at the beginning of the first series. While it does seem a realistic reaction to what is going on, the extremity of her actions threaten to ruin what made her a likeable character. Jaha too seems to go on a rollercoaster as to whether he is fighting for or against his own people, becoming self-serving in a way not present before.

However, not everyone is turning down a dark path. After being a dubious character in the first series, Bellamy proves his worth in the second. He is still prepared to do what it takes, but he is shown to be a strong leader, a brave warrior and someone who compassion does not flee from. Murphy too is given redeeming features, but in a subtle ways. There is no change of heart for him, just the proof of what could happen if someone is given a chance. All the while Octavia is showing precisely why no one should even think of messing with her and Jasper is proving his worth as a leader.

With character developments pushing through the plot-lines, the series has felt quite stretched. Although each episode has been enjoyable, there hasn’t been a desire to see the next one instantly. In part, it is because the changing characters leave the viewer feeling confused as to precisely who they want to win and what the outcome should be.

Still, the series has been an enjoyable one and the development has been realistic. A strong continuation from series 1.


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