Game of Thrones, Series 4 Review

GoT s4 1

After what felt like an extremely long wait, Game of Thrones, Series 4 finally arrived on our screens earlier on this year. It certainly wasn’t a disappointment; blood, guts, sex, violence and everything in between appearing within the first episode.

Apart from featuring one of the most graphic onscreen deaths possibly ever, the violence in this series didn’t seem quite as over the top as previous series. Maybe that was because the majority of the war was now over after the fall of Robb Stark and the danger was coming from within. The politics of court threaten to undo everyone as allegiances are made and betrayals are ripe. It’s hard to know who to trust when everyone seems to have their own hidden agenda, something Sansa Stark finds out all too well. With a murder placing Tyrion Lannister firmly in jail with the threat of execution from his own sister, Sansa flees the capital with help of an old friend. Who might possibly be after something a little more than her friendship.

Meanwhile, Arya is still travelling with the Hound, Daenerys struggles to maintain her authority across the sea as she discovers betrayals of her own, Theon Greyjoy is broke, Jon Snow is facing a timeless battle and Brandon Stark is still venturing north. While Stannis Baretheon and his cohort continue their plans to take over the kingdoms. With no money and no army. As of yet, at least.

I think that is everyone.

New enemies and new alliances emerge in series 4.
New enemies and new alliances emerge in series 4.

At least, everyone who made an appearance in the show. Now the characters have all embarked on their own journeys and are scattered across the seven kingdoms (and beyond), the viewer was left feeling there were just too many characters at times to remember who is where and what is happening. For instance, Rickon Stark never once appears in the series, meaning we have no idea where he now is. If he is alive, for if there was one thing you cannot guarantee, it’s that your favourite characters will live to fight another day.

Despite the confusion over the characters, the plots were just as strong as ever. The opening episode seemed to lack the spark that immediately grips a viewer, but it quickly made up for it once the series was underway and the characters once again established in the viewer’s mind – if they could keep up with who was where. The only real war takes place far away to the north at the wall as the Wildlings attack Castle Black, wanting the shelter of the wall against the terrors from the north. While the action isn’t as dominant as in series 3, it certainly doesn’t lack in action throughout.

Another remarkable series. Despite following the books, it does seem to get stronger with each series as the characters grow and development. Without having read the books, it keeps the intrigue and the mystery there to grip the audience without them feeling like they are completely lost over what is going on.

A thrilling watch with the next series highly anticipated already.


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