Inspirational Places #2

Heybridge 1

A while ago, I wrote a post (here) about my favourite place while at university. A walk a few weeks ago with my parents means I have found it at home as well.

Situated near Maldon, Heybridge Basin is a beautiful canal. My family and I have been going there for years and it never fails to relax you. Walking in one direction takes you along the canal. It’s much hotter this way but you walk along the water’s edge and can see the wildlife there. As you loop back, you go along the river. There is a greater chance of seeing different wildlife along this part, but you have to be prepared for the wind.

The beautiful setting is just one of the reasons it relaxes me. It’s so cut off from the “real” world. You can really let your mind go and quieten your thoughts for a while. It is not often I am able to do that. My mind is my own worst enemy. Finding a sanctuary where I can go for a decent walk (it takes about an hour to walk the loop at a comfortable pace), get the cobwebs blown away and forget about life for a while is a blessing.

There's always plenty of wildlife to see!
There’s always plenty of wildlife to see!

Even with the weather against you, it is still a great place to go. In the winter, it is a matter of going prepared with footwear and thick coats. It certainly works to freshen your mind when you’ve been stuck inside – you’re exposed so the wind is strong! The spring tends to be wet underfoot, but nature is awakening then so it is beautiful. My personal favourite time of year is going in the autumn. I absolutely love blackberry picking and for as long as we have been going there, we’ve been picking. The amount we get can be a little absurd sometimes. The amount of stings and scratches I receive echoes that sentiment – I get stubborn!

There are not many places near to me where I can pick blackberries without them being covered in car fumes or too dangerous to do. Each year, I always think it feels like jumping back through time. It is a connection with nature our generation is in fear of losing if we’re not careful. I put my hand up to being guilty of that – I get too absorbed with my hobbies which I have to admit involve being inside a lot. But knowing I have that space as a getaway when I need it is a great feeling. If it can work to distract me from getting my university results, it can handle anything!

The final thing I want to add is inspiration. Feeling my mind actually relax and stop fretting about everything is the perfect way to make me feel refreshed and ready to go. I always come back in the mood to start getting through my to-do list. Considering the length of it, that feeling is needed!

Do you have a favourite spot? Let me know!



2 thoughts on “Inspirational Places #2

    • It really is stunning! Just a perfect way to actually stop my mind from constantly ticking over. Think we all need a place to escape to sometimes! Thanks for the comment!


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