Teen Wolf, Series 2 Review

Available to rent via lovefilm.
Available to rent via lovefilm.

Having thoroughly enjoyed series 1, I was eager to see what series 2 of Teen Wolf had in store for its audience and there is only one thing I can really say.

I was not disappointed.

It is rare a show can be found that combines every element you want to see – humour, suspense, a touch of romance, danger, fights and just the general life of those trying to deal with things that they have no idea about. Yet Teen Wolf certainly manages it and I almost shot through the second series because I was so desperate to get to the next episode. It has been a while (since series 1, at least!) since a show has gripped me in that manner where you simply can’t press play quickly enough, and it was refreshing to find something that could do it.

Series 2 takes up where the first series left off, with the characters coming to deal with everything that has happened to them and the knowledge that has been revealed. But just as things seem to be settling back to normality (as it can ever be when characters are running around as werewolves), a new threat arises and the team is once again thrown into the deep end with having to deal with it. Not only that, but things become personal when the threats come from not only their own families, but their friends as well.

It doesn’t take long for the race to be on, not to kill the monster, but save their friend in the process.

The character development throughout series 2 is taken to a whole new level compared to the first series as Scott and Allison are forced to grow up in order to be able to deal with what is going on around them, not to mention hiding their ever increasing love from their parents, knowing the deadly consequences if they are caught. Having to take the lead on more than one occasion, Scott has to face up to whether he wants the safety of a pack that Derek can offer him, or whether he would prefer to stay with his old friends, despite the fact that nothing is as it seems any more.

The suspense gradually increases throughout the series, leaving the audience breathlessly awaiting more as old enemies return and new ones are revealed. The show contains a sense of realism, despite the events that are taking place and the banter (mainly coming from Stiles!) allows it to maintain a light hearted approach despite the very real sense of danger that these characters have to battle their way through.

Trust becomes even more crucial than ever when things heat up and the consequences are catastrophic. The ever-present question of whether the characters will be strong enough to face what has been thrown their way makes each episode absolutely compelling viewing that there is simply no looking away from.

A thoroughly enjoyable series and I am eagerly awaiting series 3 to find out what the next step is.


4 thoughts on “Teen Wolf, Series 2 Review

  1. Series 1 and 2 were my favorites as well. I was skeptical about the show when I first watched it but loved it the more I did. Stiles and the Coach are my favorite characters. I just love the humor in the show. I wish they went a bit deeper in both the mythologies and characters emotions but I like it regardless.

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