Revisiting Resolutions (June)

Cannes 3

I cannot get over the fact another month has gone already. Time is speeding up at the moment; I’m trying to catch up with myself. I’m pleased to say the month is ending on a positive note considering I’ve been having a pamper session over the last day or so. I have to admit to having had a little bit of an issue with my mood over the weekend but it’s nice to feel like I’ve pulled myself together a touch. It’s amazing what painting your nails can do for your mood sometimes.

However, in regards to my New Year’s resolutions, there is a reason behind taking extra care of myself the last few days. I have my first interview tomorrow. And then another on Friday. I have spent the last two weeks solidly job hunting and this is the first time results have come back. I wanted to at least make sure that I looked presentable if nothing else. I’m nervous, but I know it will be good experience and you never know, something might come out of it. As I said I wanted to make sure I got a job this year, this is me working hard to get that.

Resolutions 2

What else is on my list? Writing. Ah yes, writing. The novel is fighting back but I have made some progress. I’m really hoping to get myself into a routine with it soon but alas, I have not made it that far yet. However, I have really been working on the blog this month and as from tomorrow, there are a few changes taking place about the quantity (and hopefully quality) of posts so I’m looking forward to seeing if that helps. I’ve also started to get properly involved with twitter chats and it has been so much fun. Inspiration has been flowing and I’m looking forward to seeing what I do next.

Uni? Well, that’s officially over. But more than that, I have now received my results and am proud to say that I’m graduating with a 1st Class BA Hons in Film and Writing. That’s one thing ticked off my to-do list then, is it not?

The final one is health. Getting there is I think the best thing to say. Having spent the last two days attempting to make myself look presentable for tomorrow certainly helps to make me feel better in myself. Things are moving forward, even if they are being too slow for my liking. I guess the only thing I can really say is that I’m trying and leave it at that.

So there is my June. Gone already. What has everyone else been up to? I hope you like the changes that are going to be taking place here as I try and expand my horizons as a blogger. I’ve really got the buzz for it at the moment so I’m really hoping that shows in the posts that are coming up. Don’t forget to let me know what you like!



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