Hand Creams

Hand Creams 1

My hands are notorious for being dry. It’s not just in the cold weather; I struggle the whole year around. This year has been especially hard because I’ve been run down health wise, meaning I have really felt it. The one thing I have learnt throughout the last few months is that you really do get what you pay for. As a result, I am now using about three different hand creams – mainly to get them used up but each has their own effectiveness.

Hand Creams 2Starting from the top, the best is definitely E45 Repair and Protect. The one I have is an overnight one – and you wouldn’t want to try it at any other time because it does leave your hands feeling quite greasy for a while. But by making the point of putting it on before going to sleep, it gives them the whole night to soak in without washing your hands and losing any of the benefit. There is no greasy feeling by the time you wake up the next morning. I tried this one when my hands were awful and found within a few days it was really beginning to make a difference. My hands actually felt like they were recovering during the night rather than not taking in any moisture.

The next is Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream. I would also class any Molton Brown into this category. This hand cream is far more expensive than anything you get in Superdrug. But you are paying for the quality and I find that it really does help my hands feel lovely. Massaging some into my nails as well also has helped me to strengthen then during bad times. However, due to it being pricier than others, I was reluctant to use a lot of it. My hands were so dry that I was having to apply it 3-4 times a day before I found the E45 one and I was using it too quickly. Now I use this one first thing in the morning after I have finished washing to give my hands a good start to the day and continue any repairs that were started overnight.

Hand Creams 3

The main reason I had to look into new hand creams was because the one I was using was Superdrug’s 2-in-1 hand and nail cream. For a long time, this hand cream was good enough for me. If your hands are in good condition, then it does the trick. But if your hands are dry like mine were, I found that it simply didn’t have enough goodness in it to make a difference – I was applying loads throughout the day but it never made them any better – every wash had them right back where they started. However, this is significantly cheaper, so it’s hardly surprising. Now I use it whenever I need to be topped up during the day, just to keep my hands smooth once I get them to that standard.

Who knew it could be so complicated! What hand creams do you use/recommend?



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