Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn Review

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Plot: When his wife goes missing, Nick Dunne finds himself at the centre of attention. Fingers point to him and his claims of innocence go unheard as evidence stacks up against him. But Nick knows his wife. He knows the way Amy’s mind works. He knows that things are not as they seem.

Getting others to believe him, however, could cause Nick’s undoing. The fight to make his voice heard is the only thing that has any chance of saving him. People are not what they seem and their lies can be either their undoing…or make them into something great.


Gone Girl Book 3Quote: `What are you thinking? How are you feeling? Who are you? What have we done to each other? What will we do?`


Opinion: I thought I would read this book because I am trying to branch out from only reading the fantasy genre. This book has been talked about so much recently – and reached the top of many book lists – so I thought it would be a good place to start. The book was nowhere near as good as I hoped it would be.

The plot is twisted and a lot of planning has gone into this story. The first half of the book is better when it mainly follows Nick’s narration. Not only because the Amy being presented there is likeable (although that is a plot point in itself) but because there was still a mystery to be unravelled. Once things were made clearer in the second half and the reader was aware precisely what was going on, I really struggled to stay engrossed in the book.

The characters were not ones I could engage with. At times, this was part of the plot. But during moments when they should have been genuine and sincere, I felt they still fell flat. I didn’t care for them and therefore did not care about the ending of the book – another reason why it felt a drag rather than a page turner. Despite being the main narrator, Nick’s character did not connect with me and so rather than empathising with him, I remained emotionally detached from the story.

I have never been so determined to get to the end only to claim that I had finished it. There was nothing motivating me to read the book. The dual narration worked for the first two sections of the book, but the switch was happening so fast by the end it grew annoying. It did nothing to increase the tension in the plot because by this point things have been resolved.

This was my first crime novel that I have read. It hasn’t left me inspired to read more. I know a lot of positive reviews for the novel. Technically, it is well written and the plot-line cleverly constructed. I can’t fault it for any particular details in the way it is written. But the lack of development in regards to the characters undermines the plot and stopped me from enjoying the book.


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5 thoughts on “Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn Review

  1. Thanks for an honest review. I just bought this book today, charity shop bargain 2 for £1, but I’m hoping it was going to be good. I will still start it and see how I get on.


    • I’ve had mixed reports from people I know have read it. I think you will get gripped simply because you’ll want to know the end, but not necessarily in a good way? Hope you do enjoy it though even if I didn’t. X

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