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As a wanna-be writer, I find I am constantly reading as a way of inspiring my ideas. But there are certain authors that are more of an inspiration to me than others.

I am a fantasy writer, meaning my list might be somewhat biased towards that genre. However, I have my reasons for the authors and hope they cover different aspects of writing.

First up is Christopher Paolini. His Inheritance Cycle has been an inspiration for my writing since I was about fifteen. They are books I constantly return to. It is something about the way he creates the world that draws you in.

His plot might have been criticised by those looking to be picky, yet it is one that keeps me page turning anxiously even when I know what happens. I would love to have the power to influence someone in the way his books have. Whenever I am having a dip in my writing, I know having a re-read of his remarkable world always inspires me to get going with mine again.

The next on my list has to be K.J. Parker. I only discovered him within the last year and have subsequently read two of his trilogies. He is the only author I have come across that can dedicate a whole page to the description of forging a sword and not lose the reader’s interest. I know I am a rambling writer, so being aware that detail isn’t necessarily a bad thing and it can work is always reassuring. He also can insert humour into the most serious of places and make the reader laugh out loud – even if it is just because something is so unexpected.

Author Inspiration 2

My third inspirational (aka favourite) author at the moment is Ben Kane. For a long time I have only been reading fantasy novels. He writes things set around the Roman times. I can’t say what it is about those books that draws me in, but his writing opened up a whole new genre for me that I’m now pursuing.  To have the power to influence what people are willing to read is definitely a trait I would love to one day possess.

Others such as J.K Rowling and Tolkien are naturally on my list. They managed to create worlds in such a way that the whole of the reading world knows about them – whether you enjoy or not is irrelevant. I have also discovered Cassandra Clare and Rick Yancey over the last few months and again, found myself gripped by their story-telling technique. Any author that can keep me anxiously turning pages is an inspiration in their own way. Surely that is what writing is all about? Getting pleasure out of reading it at the same time.

I have a few that I’m looking forward to exploring their worlds. George R R Martin is one, as is Robin Hobb as both are big fantasy writers. Have you read any of the authors mentioned in this post? What are you inspirations for writing? Let me know!



3 thoughts on “Author Inspiration

  1. I’m curious about Robin Hobb’s fantasy world as well. I’ve already bought Assassin’s Apprentice. I just need to get to it. If you’re curious about how an author draws in the reader and hooks her, then yea, definitely pick up George RR Martin’s books. In the Song of Ice & Fire books the intrigue is high what with all the characters deceiving each other. It’s the characters who pull us in and keeps the story going and he also loves cliff hangers. But def give him a read to see how he crafts his work.

    I like Paolini’s books as well, more so the first time I read them. I’m in the midst of rereading them. I think he did good on his world building and keeping my interest in the story, even after it was done. I liked his characters.

    My inspirations: when it comes to writing it’s Robin McKinley, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, George RR Martin, Zora Neal Hurston. I like writers who’re very descriptive. My inspirations for storytelling: JK Rowling, GRRM, Robin McKinley, Khaled Hosseini, Billy Coffey. They make get me drunk on their stories and addicted and I’d like to know how they did it.

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    • I have one of Robin Hobb’s books but I want to make sure I start at the beginning. I’m currently reading The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare and adoring it. It’s YA so not challenging me too much but I love her characterisation and plots – definitely drunk on her world at the moment.

      I’ll get around to reading GRRM, but as the books aren’t complete, I’m simply not prioritising it for the time being while I have other things to read if that makes sense. I’m definitely going to check out the authors you find inspiring, thank you!

      Thanks for the great comment!


      • You’re welcome! That does make sense about GRRM’s books. If you read them when the series is completed, then you won’t have to wait years for another installment.

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