Arrow, Series 2 Review


Arrow 2Plot: After the Undertaking, Oliver Queen and Starling City come to terms with what has happened. While the Arrow is still determined to protect his city, Oliver must now find a way to do it to avoid being a killer. He owes it to Tommy.

When a new threat arises – one that is almost impossible to stop – that newfound resolution will be put to the test. Oliver needs all the help he can get from friend and foe alike. But sometimes, the distinguishing between the two is harder than it appears. Oliver must face his past to secure his future.

Arrow 3

Quote: `My name is Oliver Queen. After five years on a hellish island, I have come home with only one goal – to save my city. But to do that, I can’t be the killer I once was. To honour my friend’s memory, I must be someone else. I must be something else.`


Opinion: I struggled my way through the first series and it took a while before I was gripped by the episodes. There certainly wasn’t that problem with the second series. From very early on, enough mystery and tension was being shown that I was eager to watch the next one. If nothing else, that reason alone is enough to make the second series far stronger than the first.

The plot is mainly one long story arc this time around. Although there are different focuses for each week, the underlining theme is there throughout. While this does work for the twists and turns of the series, it felt like it went on a little too long at times. There are only so many cliffhangers you can have on the same story arc before they lose some of their tension and become inevitable.

There is also a lot more set in the “past” – relating back to Oliver’s time on the island. While this works, it begins to get a little far-fetched as to how it took him five years to get home considering everything that appears to have happened and the amount of people he supposedly interacted with during this time.

The character development in this series is strong though. Oliver started that journey in the first series. This time, everyone else has the chance to play catch up. Felicity and Diggle have their chance to play the hero. Roy gets in over his head…and comes out on top. Laurel hits rock bottom and must discover her survival instinct. And Thea deals with more than she can accept and comes through it. All the characters are stronger, more defined and their progression is clear to see. It keeps the plots refreshing when new heroes are emerging all the time.

Overall, the second series is stronger than the first. The characters are more relatable and the tension present in the plotlines makes you want to keep watching as fast as possible. Given the strength of this second series, I’m looking forward to watching the third and seeing more development.


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