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Plot: Rachel Watson is falling apart. Her marriage is over but she cannot let go of the husband who cheated on her. Rachel’s reality consists only of her next drink and the lives she witnesses from a train passing by.

When she witnesses something from the train, Rachel’s life will never be the same again. From a missing person to a murder case, Rachel struggles to help when she cannot remember what happened to her that night, let alone the missing woman. If she wants to help – or even survive – Rachel must confront the demons of her past.

The Girl On the Train 3Quote: ` It takes me a while to realize what I’m feeling when I wake. There’s a rush of elation, tempered with something else: a nameless dread. I know we’re close to finding the truth. I just can’t help feeling that the truth is going to be terrible.`


Opinion: I went to this book with doubts in my mind. I had heard it raved about; everyone claiming it was better than Gone Girl. However, I disliked Gone Girl, so that wouldn’t have taken a lot in my mind. Going to a book with doubts meant it took a while before I warmed up to the plot, almost as if I was reluctant to enjoy it.

It was better for Gone Girl, that much is true. Although I didn’t dislike the book, I cannot honestly say how much I enjoyed it. Rachel’s character comes along in leaps and bounds, but it takes a while before you start to engage with her. She is presented as a waste of space at the start and it takes a while for the reader to connect with her. The chapters from alternate points of view – Anna and Megan – are not long enough to make you feel for those characters either. Without a character to draw you in to the story, it takes longer for the plot to become engaging.

The plot itself was better than I expected. Although I had a feeling the whole way through there was going to be a twist at the end, I had not figured out what that twist was. As such, the book kept me reading, intrigued to find out where it was going to go. There was enough mystery to keep the reader hooked but I found it wasn’t the type that made you unable to put the book down. It ticked the boxes for the genre, but didn’t draw the reader in to the extent some mysteries can.

My overall opinion is that I’m glad to have read the book. If nothing else, I can form my own opinion. I gave it a chance when I was doubtful and it proved to be better than I was expecting. While not heart-stopping with excitement and intrigue, it kept me reading until the end, so it had enough details/events that gripped at least part of my imagination. I enjoyed it, but wouldn’t rush to tell others to read it.


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