Revisiting Resolutions: September

Revisiting Resolutions Sept

This is not an easy post to write. September has not been a fun month for me. I feel as if I am running out of time to truly meet the resolutions I set out for myself at the beginning of this year and I am no closer to achieving them.

Revisiting Resolutions Sep 1Another month has passed and I’m still unemployed. The number of jobs I have now applied for is over two hundred. There have been a couple of interviews, but for the vast majority of the applications, I have never heard back again. I’m trying all sorts – things I want to do as a career and things that can be just a stepping stone to other things. But nothing is coming back positive at the moment and having signed on almost a month ago, I’m struggling a little bit to cling on to my optimistic thinking. I just have to believe something will turn up and that everything does happen for a reason.

Things have also not improved with my health. I’ve now had two neurology appointments and an adjusting dose of medication to try and control the headaches. But that isn’t all right now – old problems have started up again and it could be back to see a different specialist. I can’t remember the last time I had more than two days together where I felt well. I’m trying not to let it get to me because I know others suffer with far worse and for far longer, but it doesn’t help matters.

Revisiting Resolutions Sep 2I guess what has improved is my ability to think of myself as a writer. I’ve been working quite a long on the novel this month – little and often seems to be my way forward. I’m not sure where this is getting me, but at least I know I am trying on it. While I’m constantly playing catch up with posts on here, they are coming along at a steady pace and I’m receiving more views than I used to. It’s nice to feel as if I’m doing something right and starting to grow.

My life right now is stemming around the job hunt and the health issues. That is dictating my time. But I’m trying to branch out with what I’m writing. I’ve got back into writing for the magazine more regularly now. And I had the chance to write a post for a job site to feature on their blog. I’m looking for chances at the moment that gives me the chance to extend the amount of platforms I can be found on and see where things go from there.

So that is my wrap up of September. Not the best month. I can’t believe it is over so soon, to be honest. But I have a nice day planned tomorrow, so hopefully that means October will start well and only get better. If nothing else, I have my graduation ceremony to look forward to in a couple of weeks’ time. Hope everyone has had a more productive month than I have.


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