Film Review: The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Review

The Scorch Trials 1

The Scorch Trials 2

Plot: After escaping the events of the first film in the Maze, Thomas and his friends are taking in by a mystery unit who promise to get them to safety. But these new allies are not what they seem and it isn’t long before they are on the run again – this time fleeing across a large desert in the hope there are people out there who can help.

But the distance they have to travel is littered with dangers. From those infected. From those chasing them. And from not understanding what is going on. The race is once again on.

The Scorch Trials 3Quote: `You think I have a bloody clue? Bunch of crazies want to eat us for breakfast, by the looks of it. We need to find another room, have a Gathering. All this noise is driving nails through my buggin’ skull.`


Opinion: I haven’t read the books, so have no comparison to how it deviates from the text. This review will be just about the film.

I enjoyed it. I felt it dragged in places. There isn’t anything specific I felt could be left out to increase the tension and/or pace, but as it was nearing the end I was thinking that it had to finish soon because I felt like it had been watching for ages. The fact I was aware of the time meant I clearly wasn’t completely immersed in the film.

Nonetheless, I thought it was a good film. The acting was strong from everyone. A few new but familiar faces join the cast this time – Aiden Gillen (Petyr Baelish – Game of Thrones) and Giancarlo Esposite (Sydney Glass – Once upon a Time) to name two. The chemistry between the young actors shows well on screen and makes their relationships believable.

The settings were expertly handled. From demolished cities to vast deserts, it had it all. Showing off the scenes felt to me like the moments where the film dragged – chases were extended to pull in more stunts and CGI whereas the tension would be stronger if it was faster paced during these moments. However, the focus stayed with the characters and the plot rather than settings for the sake of it.

The camerawork was interesting. Having no background to the plot through not reading the books, the decisions of certain characters should have come as a surprise. However, lingering shots gave too much away and the twists that would have kept the plot refreshing were predictable.

Despite these flaws, I thoroughly enjoyed the film – although I feel the first one was better. It was action-packed and with enough clever camerawork that I jumped more than once when watching. Not for those who have issues with flashing lights as the beginning has a lot of bouncing torchlight that wears on the viewer after a few moments. It might not even be for those who are die-hard fans of the book, for I hear it deviates significantly. But for anyone wanting to be entertained, this is a good one.


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