Autumn Fashion Favourites

Autumn Fashion Faves 1

I thought I would try and branch out a little with the type of posts I am doing on here. I have a strong interest in fashion, so figured that would be a good way to go. I apologise for the fact I don’t really know what I’m doing with this post, but hope you like it nonetheless.

I thought I would take a look at my favourite outfits now the weather is changing and Autumn is upon us.

Autumn Fashion Faves Regardless of the weather, one of my favourite brands at the moment is Henry Holland and their H! collection. Their summer dresses are gorgeous and their autumn/winter tops are great fun. Both tops in this post are from their range.

The loveheart jumper I received as a gift last Christmas. It’s not quite warm enough for those winter months as it is quite thin. You can just about get a vest underneath for an extra layer, but it’s far more suited for this time of year.

The mouse jumper I bought in the sale, costing me a grand total of £7.50. You can’t go wrong. The blue is a gorgeous colour, the mouse is adorable and the whole thing is just good fun. Again, it is thin, meaning when the weather turns you won’t be able to get away with it. But they are both warm enough for the autumn. The weather might be turning, but that doesn’t mean the bright colours and the fun styles have to be left behind.

Autumn Fashion Faves 2I was recently introduced to uniqlo’s leggings by a friend. I thought it bemusing she owned five pairs, just all in different colours. Then I bought my first pair. And now I own two myself and would happily buy more. For £14.90, they are a reasonably price for good quality leggings. I bought the caramel colour to start with – which is just perfect for autumn. Not too dark but the right colour to go with a dark pair of boots if needed.

I then realised that my old black leggings were completely falling apart. I had worn the lighter ones a few times and realised how comfortable they were, I was quick to head back and get the darker pair. The colour range is amazing – any colour you can think of, you can buy. They’re great with normal length jumpers, but also would be fantastic with long ones, especially when the weather gets a little colder. Dress them up or down by the top/footwear and you’re sorted.

So there we have it. Both of my favourite outfits at the moment fall within this range. Both are designs that I would happily buy more of as well and keep mixing and matching the looks.

What are your favourite outfits now the weather is turning?

I hope I’ve done alright here for my first ever fashion post. If anyone can offer any advice, that would be great. Or if you think I should just stick with reviews, likewise with letting me know!


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