Revisiting Resolutions – October

Revisiting Resolutions

I was reading through the wrap-up post of September when I was thinking of what to put for this month. I realise now how negative I was feeling about everything. Life is not easy when you’re in your early twenties – everyone has ideas of where you should be going and what you should be doing. I realise – looking back (isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing?) – that what is important is staying true to your dreams. To sticking to what you truly believe in.

For this month, my life has changed around.

Revisiting Resolutions OctThe neurologist appointments have finally paid off. The dosage of the medication is right and I am no longer suffering from excruciating headaches daily. After ten months of them, every day feels like such a blessing when I get through it without my skull splitting itself in half. Health is definitely not something I will ever take for granted again and when I feel like I have some of my strength back a little, I’m going to really try and take good care of myself.

This month has also seen me fulfil another big resolution. I have a job. I have just survived my first week at it. No more days spent trawling through job sites and trying to find something I think I can even vaguely do. The commute is long and the hours are tiring, but I’m so thankful to have a job. It is a copywriter role – so I even have a job where I can write. Admittedly not about the most interesting of topics, but it is what I’ve always wanted.

The week before I got the job, I had a little break from everything. You might have noticedRevisiting Resolutions Sep 1 there were no posts. I needed to find the fun in it again rather than relating everything back to the job hunting. It worked. I managed to rediscover my spark for writing. Not only did I manage to get quite a few blog posts sorted (which turned out to be a total blessing considering the job news), I also got a steady amount sorted on my novel as well. It felt like I was really working as a writer during that time period and I loved it.

When I look back on my resolutions, I realise I have pretty much ticked them off now. But there is still two months left to go of the year! So what is my plan now? At the moment, work is draining me. But once the tiredness settles over the next few weeks, I’m going to try and get myself into a steady writing routine. It doesn’t matter whether it is fanfiction, novel or blog posts. I have a job. Now I have to fight for my dream to be an author.

This is the first month this year I have ended it really feeling like things are turning around and are in control now. My control. No more life being on hold, I can start living it the way I want.

I hope everyone else’s month has been just as good!


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3 thoughts on “Revisiting Resolutions – October

  1. Great to hear Lindsey. Hopefully the year keeps going well for you. I’d like to go back to writing schedule as well so I’m going to try the DigiWriMo thing since it’s for writing anything and not just a novel.

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