Film Review: Interstellar

Interstellar 1

Interstellar 2Plot: The planet is dying. Mankind’s survival is hanging by a thread. The world believes NASA has been disbanded: no one will pay to go to the stars when starvation threatens all. But they are alive and well, working in secret to find a way off the planet and to salvation.

Cooper leads a mission to a new galaxy to find a new home. But he is determined to get back to his children. The only problem is, time is relative and different in space. They may no longer be children when he returns. If return is indeed even possible…

Interstellar 3Quote: `Mankind was born here. It was never meant to die here.`


Opinion: I wanted to see this film since it was released. It was acclaimed for the research and observations done, the facts revealed about black holes, space, gravity and time. I was interested to see how this would be translated onto the screen.

Being directed by Christopher Nolan meant I was not surprised to see the film was three hours long. Although it didn’t drag, I felt it could have been made significantly shorter if they cut a few scenes a few seconds earlier. The scenes seemed to extend longer than necessary, and that alone was enough to make you feel the length of the film. There were also times where the dialogue seemed to drag – they had made their point and yet continued to discuss it. For a viewer, that becomes boring very quickly, even if the information was crucial.

The plot was confusing. For the most part, it was good. Cooper leaves the planet to find a new home for mankind. They encounter some problems on the way and the acting meant the emotional scenes were powerful. However… near the end of the film it develops into five dimensional, time-travelling aliens that aren’t aliens they are humans… Maybe it was because I was already feeling the length of the film, but this scene lost me. I literally had no idea what they were talking about, despite being able to pick up on the concept he was seeing time differently.

The acting was good. Matthew McConaughey was good as Cooper, showing a determined and loving father who wanted so much more out of the world. Anne Hathaway was surprisingly adaptable as Brand and Michael Caine was as excellent as ever. They displayed mixed emotions and it can’t have been easy conditions to work in with the dialogue being so complicated.

The effects were amazing. The new planets and the scenes out in space were handled superbly and I think the effects are what made the film. They made it seem realistic and their plight more dramatic because of it. The effects were certainly the strongest element of the film.

On the whole, I enjoyed the film. The length alone stops me from wanting to watch it again, and that isn’t mentioning the sheer complexity of the last half an hour. I did learn about space mind you.

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