Five ways of Dealing With Deadlines

Dealing with Deadlines 1

I am the type of person who likes to be organised. When it comes to blogging, I have everything planned and scheduled out. I then have a shock if I don’t have posts ready. I feel out of control and stressed if things aren’t where they should be when I need them to be.

Luckily with my job, I am not yet at a stage where I need to worry about these sorts of things. As long as I know I’ve worked hard through the day, it’s fine. But at university, it was a different story. I had two massive deadlines a year so had to make sure that multiple projects were all being worked on at a steady rate to ensure the best marks I could. On top of a part-time job and just general life, this meant being organised.

So how do I deal with deadlines?

Dissertation 2

  1. To-do lists. Before uni, I hated them. Didn’t see the point. But then I realised you could do it online so it wouldn’t get all messy and be pointless. I had targets for what I wanted to achieve each day and using the list meant I knew what was on track and what I needed to focus on.
  2. I think I sometimes borderline on OCD with how controlled I have to be, even when it comes to doing things for pleasure. But each module had a set amount of time I had to work on it before I could tick it off my list. Even if that meant doing extra reading to fill the time, it meant I knew where I should be with everything – and made me focus as much on the modules that I didn’t like.
  3. Taking a step back. This might seem counterproductive when you have a list ten miles long of things to do. But sometimes, the more I try and force myself to focus on something, the more I can’t. Stopping for ten minutes and going for a walk to clear your head makes getting the work done a lot easier.
  4. In regards to uni deadlines, hit the library early. It gives you time to get all the wrong books out before you really work out what you are trying to do. If you can find the material you need, it takes away a lot of the stress. All about being organised.
  5. Making sure you get a good night sleep. If you stick to your plan and know where you are up to, all-nighters are not needed. When you reach that point of sheer exhaustion, everything you write is going to be rubbish anyway. Put away the books, turn off the computer and get a few hours’ sleep. Works wonders.

All of this works better with university deadlines than other types. But the organisation and taking a break element I now apply to blogging and it means I’ve kept it rolling.

What do you do to stay on top of things?


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