Book Review: The Last Light Falling: Into the Darkness

Last Light Falling 1

Plot: The world is still suffering and Arena has no intention of stopping her mission from God until she has saved all the souls that she can. With her group of friends struggling to hold onto the faith, Arena must come to make choices that no fifteen year old should.

But there is light and love on the journey and not all are against her. There are those who love her and those who would die for her. The trouble is, the dying part seems to be more likely than not as the world struggles to free itself from evil.



Last Light Falling 3Quote: `You know the food at a truck stop is a risk when even the deli snacks have been rebuffed during the apocalypse. I’m pretty sure there’s no good marketing strategy to recover from this.`


Opinion: This book was awful. One of the worst things I’ve ever read. The only thing that comes close is the first in the series, which was just as bad. I thought as I had the second, I would give it a go and grew to be so annoyed at times that I had to put it down just to calm down.

The plot was awful. I struggled to get to a hundred words to say what happened for the review. The plot consisted of the characters basically moving from one place to another with a few blood baths and mental breakdowns on the way and that is it. Nothing else to report.

The characters are beyond annoying. I wouldn’t care if the main character died – in fact I think it would improve the book. Her taste for bloodshed is not tastefully written and she spends half the book having massive breakdowns before spending the other half going on killing sprees. Between the killing sprees she has a crisis about feeling pity and mercy. It’s a shame she never holds onto those feelings when she puts a bullet in the next person who crosses her path.

The theme of love was awful in this. Arena is supposed to be grieving her dead boyfriend. Then she doesn’t trust a guy… but doesn’t stop thinking about how cute he is. Before killing him. To then fall head over heels in love with the next guy because he is also cute. He then dies and suddenly she’s back to her first love. Irrational and unrealistic emotions the whole way through.

The writing itself is also bad. This means all the other irritating points can’t be ignored because I was getting so annoyed. For example “carefully rushed” is a complete contradiction and doesn’t make sense. It was the same in the first book as well with “slowly jumped”. I don’t understand how this book could have been published.

There is no recommendation this week. Just a warning to steer clear. The characters are annoying, the emotions one extreme or another, the plot doesn’t go anywhere and the writing is bad. I’ve never been so close to giving up before.

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