Book Review: The Blinding Knife

The Blinding Knife 1

The Blinding Knife 2

Plot: War is coming to the Chromeia. The Colour Prince is on the move, massing his army as he goes and swaying people to his way of thinking. Gavin Guile – Prism of all of the Chromeia – has his work cut out for him to persuade those in power that action needs to be taken.

Enemies come from within as well as out. The truth is a dangerous and tricky thing, and Gavin knows full well everything he has worked towards could be destroyed if the wrong person finds out. But is he still certain of who the wrong people are?

The Blinding Knife 3

Quote: “Lady Guile said that after you read that note, you’d have need of some serious firepower, one way or the other.” She brought her hands out from behind her back. In one hand was a large old pistol. In the other was a pain-fully beautiful lace chemise and a matching corset with short stays that would cost a Blackguard a year’s wages. “So which is it going to be?”


Opinion: As with The Black Prism, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The complexities of the magic and the characters keeps the reader hooked and with the truth being such a fluid thing, there is no telling what twists and turns are coming next.

The plot was more intricate than the first book – with the characters established there was no need to introduce the enemy but instead be thrown straight into the danger. With the over-arching war threatening everything, the smaller skirmishes happening on the way kept the book gripping and exciting, where no one was safe at any time.

There are more characters involved this time around. It works though. We’ve had enough of an introduction to the main ones that we can now accept new ones and how they have their part to play. The characters are all likeable and flawed – they are realistic in their shortcomings. Kip definitely develops the most as he journeys towards becoming a man, but doesn’t lose the humorous traits that make him such a good hero from the first book.

The world is phenomenal. It took me a while to get into the first book because of the world-building that needed to be done, but that wasn’t the case with this one. The world is bigger in The Blinding Knife, and it just opens up more of Weeks’ imagination and deepens our understanding of the magic that gives the characters their power.

As with the first book, the writing is also brilliant. I both laughed and gasped out loud in the middle of a commuter train, which proves the hold the book has on me. I would definitely recommend it if you are into high fantasy because it has all the elements it needs. At times, it does feel like there are too many plots happening in different directions when you aren’t sure who knows what about who, but on the whole, it is very hard to criticise this book.

Definitely a recommendation!

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