Revisiting Resolutions: November

Revisiting Resolutions

Autumn Book Tag 2In a way, this is an odd month to be writing a wrap-up post for. For one thing, it has flown by like I don’t know what.

For another thing, I don’t really have a plan. I seem to have met my resolutions – job and health now having been almost sorted for a month now – and don’t seem to be doing anything outside of work. But despite it being bed time for me (I am not enjoying, nor will I ever get used to having to be up at 6am), I didn’t want to break tradition and not get this post done. So considering how tired I am, I apologise if it rambles.

I wanted instead to focus on what was happening with the blog. It seems bizarre that it is almost a year old. That is going to be a big focus of next year I think. Now that I am earning, I am hoping to be able to put some money into the blog, get a domain name, even have a redesign (if I can find something that I want, that is). I’m really enjoying how it is coming on, so I’m looking forward to taking that next step.

It is awkward to tell how it is doing because I know that my statistics are wrong. For instance, how can I have only had three hits in a day when I’ve had eight likes on a post? Something isn’t right there. But it has made me curious as to what sort of traffic I might be getting – could be what I think, or could be better. As I’m not sure how many read anyway, I’m sure it’s not going to be worse.

So, other than blog plans, what has this month brought me? Not a lot to be honest. Although I do now have a job, it has somehow managed to take up literally all of my time. I’m out twelve hours a day and have to be in bed early to have any chance of getting through the next day. Often, I am too exhausted in the evening to even try and do something when I get home. It feels like everything that I hold important to me is being put to one side and not touched upon – which is partly why I was so determined to get this post done.

I guess that is what I can say my plan is for the next month. Up until the New Year, I need to find a way to balance having to be a responsible adult with letting myself indulge in the things that I enjoy. After all, there is no reason why not anymore, it’s not like I should be doing other things when I am at home.

I never thought the day would come when I would miss having loads of uni work to do, but there we go. It’s all beginning to feel a long time ago now. Six months already, how did that happen?

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