Film Review: The Hunger Games, Mockingjay Part 2

The Hunger Games

Plot: The rebellion is coming to its peak and Katniss has no choice but to put herself in the front line. It’s the only way she is going to get close enough into the Capitol to be able to kill President Snow. Who has more of a right than her after everything he has done to her and her loved ones?

But the journey to justice is paved with death and destruction. Once again, Katniss doesn’t know who she can trust and no longer has Peeta to watch her back. Does she still have what it takes to deliver justice?

The Hunger Games 1Quote: `We all have one enemy, and that’s President Snow! He corrupts everyone and everything! He turns the best of us against each other…Stop killing for him. Tonight, turn your weapons to the Capitol! Turn your weapons to Snow!`


Opinion: Perhaps there can be too much hype surrounding something and fuelling your expectations without you knowing it. Despite having loved the first three films, this final one disappointed me. Putting my finger on why is a challenge, but I felt it lacked some of the real anticipation and suspense of the other films. This was the only one I had seen knowing what happens after reading the books earlier this year, but that isn’t the reason.

The acting was as strong as ever but the balance between the characters didn’t seem right. There was a lot of Finnick (before a certain event) but no one else really got the chance to develop. Gale felt severely underplayed and even Peeta could have had more screen time. Peeta went through the most in the previous film and yet not enough seems to have been given to him this time. Katniss even felt weak at moments, not an inspiring hero.

One of the things that undermined the suspense was the camera-work. There were too many moments of long shots that you just knew were about to show a surprise. But because these happened regularly, it was predictable rather than being a surprise and it had a “here-we-go-again” feel to it rather than keeping you on the edge of the seat. It slowed the pace down too much and there is where I think I grew bored.

That being said, the special effects and costumes were as strong as ever. As mentioned, the acting was also good. The scenery was explored well and used in such a way it was like watching another Hunger Games – which, as the characters themselves pointed out, was the plan all along.

I didn’t dislike the film, far from it. It rounded everything off ell and it wasn’t like a major detail was missed out to be a disappointment. Maybe it was simply because it was the last of The Hunger Games films. But unfortunately something felt lacking from this film and I do not feel that it ended it on the high that the films began on. It did feel like it stayed true to the book though.


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