Book Review: The Broken Eye

The Broken Eye 1

The Broken Eye 2

Plot: Gavin Guile – the Prism over the Chromeia – has been lost, believed dead. The uproar in his absence only helps his enemies with their war and his father to start taking the control he has always wanted.

But Gavin is not dead. Instead, he is coming to terms with the loss of his power and what it means for him.

In the meantime, Kip must continue to learn all he can in order to survive, while his friends fight their own personal battles. Enemies can be found within and without, and there is no telling where danger might come from.

The Broken Eye 3

Quote: `“Look at me, grandfather,” Kip snapped. “I am Guile. Body, blood, and will. Deny it.” If you dare, his attitude added.`


Opinion: As with The Black Prism and The Blinding Knife, this book had me laughing and gasping the whole way through. Let me tell you, that’s a little awkward when you are spending most of your time reading on a packed commuter train.

After thoroughly enjoying the first two books, I was eager to start this one. It did not disappoint. The plot was more intense again than the first two, with the stakes higher than ever and the consequences of actions have extreme reactions at times. The tension was handled masterfully and the humour interrupted in just the right places to keep you breathing.

The characters’ development comes on in leaps and bounds this time. Gavin’s character has a complete change around with the loss of his power, but is still as likeable than ever. Karris too must take a new position and does so in a way that does not diminish her power or likeability in any way. Kip and Teia begin to truly understand the depths of their power and precisely what they are capable of when they let themselves believe it. The reader can connect to the characters – all of them – the whole way through.

With the plot and the characters ticking all the boxes, the book draws the reader in and holds their attention. The split narration works perfectly, switching between them to not only give a wider view of what is happening, but allowing you to connect to all of the main characters.

The writing is strong. It has to be to hold my attention for an 800 page book, especially as it is the third in the series. The plot, the characters, the pacing… Weeks knows how to write fantasy, there is nothing more I can say to that. The twist at the end of the book has me eagerly awaiting the final instalment and I’m frustrated that I have to wait almost an entire year before I get to find out what happens.

If you are looking for some high fantasy, full of magic and fights with enough moments to literally make you laugh out loud, then you simply must check out The Lightbringer Series. All of the elements work perfectly for a thoroughly enjoyable read from start to finish.

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