Revisiting Resolutions: December

Revisiting Resolutions

For the final time in 2015, I’m having a look back at my resolutions and seeing how the year has ended. All in all, I would say that I managed to accomplish the majority of the plans. I graduated with a 1st and now have a job. Sounds pretty good going if you ask me.

I sort of wish things had been easier. I’m finding myself longing for so much more now that I’ve got to this point and now spend my evenings and weekends rushed off my feet trying to chase down my dreams again rather than losing sight of them. It’s fair to say that graduating hasn’t been quite what I expected it to be.

Revisiting Resolutions DecemberUnfortunately, the whole health resolution hasn’t really worked. To be fair, with Christmas and everything, healthy eating hasn’t precisely worked over the last month so that probably hasn’t helped. It’s weird thinking that my resolution to be healthy is the one that I haven’t managed to achieve; that feels wrong somehow.

But I have just had a week off from work. Although the headaches struck out again, I’ve managed to get things much more under control. Including today. Especially today. The amount of things I have got done today really means that I’m ending the year feeling in control and going out with a bang. My lists are manageable (ish), I have posts planned, posts written and am a few weeks ahead with books despite not having had a train journey for the last week.

It is a good feeling. I’m not kidding when I say it is the first time in about two months that I’ve actually felt in control of where things are at and I’m hoping that is what is going to take me over into the new year.

Part of my resolutions for this year (and next) was to feel more like a writer. Again, thanks to this week I feel like I can claim that is true by the way I’ve been working on the novel all week. Plus I have also been getting back to writing some fanfiction. It might not be the same, but for me it is a way of honing my craft. And the fact that I actually have a few posts scheduled as well means I have to finally be working towards that one, right?

This year has been a weird one. I’ve had some real struggles thrown in my way, but had some amazing things happen such as graduating and my niece being born. Definitely some highs and lows, and I can only hope that the next year has far more highs than lows.

So I guess that it is for this year. Never fear, there is a post ready to go for tomorrow so we’ll start the year on a productive note. All that is left to say is Happy New Year and have a wonderful evening celebrating, whatever you are choosing to do tonight. Here’s to 2016 and all it will bring!


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