Film Review: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars 1

Star Wars 2Plot: Luke Skywalker has vanished, fled after being betrayed by one of his students. But the boy in question is so much more than a student – nephew to Luke, he is the son of Leia and Han Solo. Now he is consumed by darkness.

A map – rumoured to lead to Luke – becomes a focal point in a struggle between the new First Order and the rebellion. New faces emerge and old return. All must learn where their place is in this new struggle if there is any chance of overthrowing the Dark Side and saving the galaxy from certain destruction.

Star Wars 3

Quote: `Well, you tell them Han Solo just stole back the Millennium Falcon, for good!`


Opinion: This was a disappointment. I’m glad I wasn’t one of these people that got overly excited about this film, despite being a huge fan of the originals. Although there was some good humour and several laugh out loud moments, the whole thing was a real let down for me, which was a great shame.

Let’s start with the plot. The whole film focused on a map. Nothing wrong with that – it has strong echoes of Episode IV. However, the lack of character development meant the plot seemed pointless and just a way to invite fight scenes. They in turn weren’t heart-racing, but instead felt like a way for the makers to show what they could do with special effects.

As a Star Wars fan, a lot felt wrong. Rey’s ability to use the Force happened far too quickly and gave her far too much strength. When you think about it, it took Luke three films to do that! Once something felt forced, the rest grated on me.

The plot might have worked if I could engage or feel for the characters. But I couldn’t. Finn was good – I liked him. He had a depth to him that made him believable and real. He was also flawed and lost his battles but found the courage to go on. Whereas seemed to touch Rey, making her character hard to relate to.

Without Han Solo stealing the show, the film would have been awful. But due to the events of the plot (no spoilers here!), I am at a loss as to how they are going to make the future films work. We weren’t given the chance to connect with the new characters when our hearts are still stolen by the old. The characters themselves were not given a chance to develop – at least, not in a realistic manner that actually worked.

The return of the old characters, however, was welcoming. I was pleasantly surprised with how much they were in it, and the fact it was the original cast was excellent. It certainly wouldn’t have worked otherwise. It is only the humour and the fondness for these old characters that stop the film from being awful.

While it has left me wanting to re-watch the originals, I am in no hurry to watch this one again.


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