Nails, Nails and Nails: My perfect manicure

Manicure Post 1

Since I started my job three months ago, I have developed a Sunday night ritual to help ready me for the week ahead. It’s so worth it!

One of these things is giving myself a manicure. I chip my nails too easily (see below picture!), so I can never be bothered to pay to have one done. If I’m honest, I quite enjoy doing it as well.

So I thought I would write a post about what a manicure involves for me.

  1. Manicure Post 2Remove any old nail varnish. Painting over the top doesn’t do your nails much good, not to mention it’s hard to get an even, flat surface. Taking things back to the basics is much easier.
  2. Cut and shape nails. I always use clippers rather than scissors as a personal preference. I then use a variety of different thickness nail files just because I like the feel of them. This is finalised with a nail block. I am currently using a The Body Shop one and will most likely replace like for like when the time is right. This helps smooth the nails and remove any rough edges. This is perfect if – like me – your nails are flaky because it helps to smooth those bits back down again.
  3. I am currently using a Premier Cuticle Therapy lotion, but only because my mother gave it to me because she didn’t use it. I don’t really understand cuticles to be honest, so will have an investigate and explore once this product has run out. But it helps to rub some moisture back into your cuticles and stop them being brittle and dry.
  4. Hand cream. Nothing makes your hands feel as good as rubbing some moisture in. I wrote a post a while ago on different hand creams and which ones I preferred.

If I am pushed for time or have no desire to actually paint my nails, this is the step that I may stop at. It leaves my nails clean, neat and tidy and therefore ideal for a week at work.

But if I do fancy adding a splash of colour to my hands (especially when the weather is so dull), I then follow this up with a nourishing base coat. I am currently using a Barry M one and think it is a good one for the price. A base coat helps add nourishment to your nails before you coat them in colour.

The number of different nail varnishes I currently own is absurd. So I usually have a huge dilemma over what brand and colour to use. I have my favourite brands, but I tend to be driven more by colour, I have to admit. Then I finish off with a top coat because it makes them feel so much smoother. Not to mention look a lot sleeker.

There you have it: my manicure. Nothing very exciting, but it does the trick for me. What methods do you use to keep your nails in top condition?


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