Film Review: Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland 1

Tomorrowland 2Plot: Casey longs for something more than her ordinary life – she is a dreamer and like most dreamers, is not satisfied with the mundane. But when adventure does stumble into her outstretched hand, she has no idea what she is getting into. A glimpse, a flicker of something else and Casey finds her world turned upside down.

Befriending a previous boy-genius and a robot girl, Casey discovers that even dreams are not enough. If she wants to change the world, if she wants to save it, she must do more than just dream. Instead, she must learn how to react.


Tomorrowland 3

Quote: `There are two wolves who are always fighting. One is darkness and despair. One is light and hope. The question is…which wolf wins?

The one you feed.`


Opinion: This film was a bitter disappointment to me. Having seen the trailer for it back when it was in the cinema, I was looking forward to it. It was about dreamers: what more should I want from a film?

I’m glad I had read some really mixed – and quite bad – reviews about this film because it stopped me getting too excited when it arrived. It was certainly not worth any hype. I managed to get through it, but in all honesty, it was boring.

The plot was the big let-down. Everything else could have worked if there was an element of excitement in the plot. Casey is on the run…and she doesn’t know what from or why. Neither do the audience. To be honest, I’m not sure we ever really find out. It’s just a plot point to drive the characters towards each other. Why the bad guys are chasing them is never made obvious and as Casey doesn’t know what she is running towards or why, I found the audience do not really care if she makes it or not.

The characters only develop in an incredibly cliché way, especially towards the end of the film. Any humour is undermined by it always being delivered at moments where turning points are being decided. Again, the lack of empathy for the characters stop these turning points from meaning anything.

I’m actually struggling to write this review simply because I did not care about the film. The plot was far-fetched but seemed to miss too many of the small details that help a viewer to get drawn in. The characters didn’t develop and the ending was a real let down. The only thing the film had going for it were the visuals, which were very pretty. But in today’s day and age, if it didn’t have a load of special effects thrown at it, it would have never made it to the cinema in the first place.

If you have the chance to watch this film, I wouldn’t bother. Maybe watch the trailer for it certainly showed all of the best bits or even look at a picture to see the effective visuals. But don’t waste your time; it’s not worth it.

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