Book Review: New York Night

New York Night 1

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144361614679454Plot: The police can’t understand the murders they are investigating – can’t understand how someone could mutilate a body in such a way. Jack Nightingale knows that it is not a someone, but a something. All that remains is figuring out which devils have been summoned and working out how to get rid of them.

It is no easy task. Especially not being partnered with someone who is the perfect candidate for the next summoning. While not knowing the truth keeps people safe, Jack knows that sometimes, ignorance can be worse. He has to stop it before it goes too far.

New York Night 3

Quote: `You’re not listening to me, Cheryl. They’re dead already.`

“Except they’re clearly not. They’re walking around, they’re talking, they’re breathing. If you kill them, then they’re dead. And you’ll be held responsible.”

“I’m not planning to go public, obviously.`


Opinion: Despite being the seventh book following Jack Nightingale and – I assume – his adventures to stop devils taking over our world, I came to this book new to the series. After being assured I didn’t need to read the others, I still wasn’t sure if I would get lost. Thankfully, it could be read as a stand-alone book.

Jack Nightingale is an interesting character with what seems like a very interesting back story. It’s hard to comment on his development etc when you know the book is part of something bigger. But he was likeable and I genuinely wanted him to be able to defeat the devils – which has to count to something. Cheryl is a new character though, and I felt she was a relatable, likeable character. She worked well with both the civilised world and adapting to what was going on around her.

The plot was interesting, although I’m sure it holds more power for those who have followed the whole story due to the links between the characters. However, I did have a bit of a problem reading it on the train. Some levels of violence in the book made me uncomfortable and literally made me squirm. When you don’t see that coming and you’re in the middle of a packed commuter train, it’s a hard reaction to disguise.

I generally don’t like high levels of unnecessary violence in a book – there are subtler ways of delivering a powerful point. The same was true here. Certain scenes made me uncomfortable reading and it detracted from the whole enjoyment of the book because I was on edge for the next gory part.

If the violence was toned down, it would have been a thoroughly enjoyable book. The scenes were people weren’t mutilated and genitals bitten off were enjoyable and the plot swept me up. But those scenes drew me back from the book and stopped me getting lost in the world that was created.

I still want to know more about Jack and his world though. An enjoyable book overall, but one to be read with caution and with a warning about the graphic scenes that take place.

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