Book Review: Guardian of the Gate

Guardian of the Gate

Guardian of the Gate 2Plot: After the death of her brother, Lia moves to London to learn more about her mystical powers. It isn’t easy, not when she knows the one enemy she has to defeat is the one that may be the hardest – her twin sister.

Lia does not face the battle alone though.

Racing to find the missing pages, Lia begins to understand the true nature of the threat she faces. Even those she trusts dearly can be turned against her and time is running short. Has she got what it takes to bring the prophecy closer to being destroyed for good?


Guardian of the Gate 3

Quote: …`I remember Dimitri’s offer at the grove and wonder if the choice between one life and the other is truly mine to make. Perhaps I will not be capable of returning to the person I once was and the life I once lived.`


Opinion: Having enjoyed the first book more than I thought I would, I was looking forward to reading the second in the trilogy. To my delight, it did not disappoint. Zink knows how to write young adult without turning her characters into love-sick fools who go from one extreme of emotion to another in the turn of a page. It’s refreshing and restores my faith in the genre.

The plot in the second book is more intense, naturally. The twists and turns along the way keep the reader gripped, especially as there is no telling who might be affected by the Souls. The false lead into who is the betrayer is cleverly done and the pacing of the entire book kept me eagerly turning the pages.

The character development is interesting. There is no denying that Lia changes, even if it is just due to her way of looking at the world. Although the typical love triangle has been established, she does not spend too much time anguishing over it, nor does forget about her past like it never happened. It’s one of the most tactful handlings I’ve read and I hope this continues through to the third book.

Some characters felt underused – Louisa in particular. She was a strong character in the first book, but feels as if she is left on the side-lines in this one. To some extent, the same could be said of Sonia while Edmund has a suddenly large role compared to the first book. It will be interesting to see how these characters resolve their places in the final book.

A lot is left open in the second book, with no real answers about where things will lead. There are a lot of loose ends that need to be tied up in the final book and I only hope it is done effectively as otherwise it will feel like the whole trilogy is a big disappointment.

This book was enjoyable and kept me gripped the whole way through. While not very challenging to read, the content was mature enough to hold my interest. I look forward to the final book.

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