Film Review: Jurassic World

Jurassic World 1

Jurassic World 2Plot: Twenty years on, Jurassic Park has re-opened as a dinosaur tourist attract. But tourists want something bigger and better and natural dinosaurs are no longer as awe-inspiring as they used to be.

Genetic engineering is at the front-line and the dinosaur that has been grown may just fulfil these needs. The problem is; she is far cleverer than anyone realised or even anticipated. When the dinosaur escapes her enclosure and starts killing the other animals for sport, the park realise they have a big problem. A fifty-foot problem they cannot hope to control and a park full of people.


Jurassic World 3

Quote: `Don’t worry. It’s gonna be just like taking a walk in the woods… 65 million years ago.`


Opinion: After being terrified of Jurassic Park for the last twenty years due to being in the room when I shouldn’t have been when I was little, I thought I would be brave and give this one a go. Rather than starting with the old ones and being soothed by the out-dated effects, I threw myself in at the deep end and watched the new one.

I was in for a surprise. This might just be one of the best films that I’ve seen for a while. How do I know? I was completely transfixed at several points, pausing with the fork halfway to my mouth and forgetting to eat. I swore out loud a few times when it made me jump and was right on the edge of my seat for the climax. Maybe it is because I went to this film already on edge due to the past issues, but no other film has made me react in this way for a while.

Chris Pratt was brilliant in it. I wasn’t his biggest fan before, but that was because I found Guardians of the Galaxy rather silly. He impressed me with this though, especially when considering the amount of CGI the actors were working with. The young actors were good as well, showing their supposed terror at the situation in a realistic manner.

The script was extremely well written. There was the right balance between tension and humour, with odd lines cutting through the build-up to stop it from being too intense. It’s hard to get that balance right yet I think this film managed it.

The effects… I can’t write a review without mentioning the effects. They were seamless, with the dinosaurs actually looking like they could be real. The effects could have made or broken this film and I’m pleased to say that I think they made it. In this day and age, bad effects do not pass unnoticed, but the budget was clearly in place for this film and it worked.

Generally, I think it is fair to say I might have overcome my twenty-year terror of this merchandise. I thoroughly enjoyed this film, to such an extent that I’m now preparing myself to watch the originals to see what I’ve been missing for all this time.

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One thought on “Film Review: Jurassic World

  1. I enjoyed Jurassic World for its spectacle, and it was a fun ride, like going to an amusement park. I also liked the plot element of Owen (Chris Pratty) being a dinosaur whisperer. It poses the question: Can a wild beast be tamed?

    The #1 reason I went to see the film was because of the controversy over the film being sexist. I wrote a short post on it called “Why a Woman Needs a Man.” If you would like to read it, I am open to any helpful feedback:


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