Book Review: Circle of Fire (Prophecy of the Sisters) by Michelle Zink

Circle of Fire 1

Books in the Prophecy of the Sisters Trilogy

Book 1: Prophecy of the Sisters  Book 2: Guardian of the Gate  Book 3: Circle of Fire

Circle of Fire 2

Plot: Time is running out and Lia can’t help but feel the impossibility of the task ahead. She must find the remaining keys, locate a stone and a spell and convince her sister to join with them. The futility of it all is only enhanced by not trusting either herself or those around her to not be working with the Souls.

With Dimitri’s help, the prophecy falls into place. But even with everyone – apart from Alice – at the right place at the right time, it may still be for nothing if Lia can’t find the strength to resist her destiny.


Circle of Fire 3

Quote: `And the truth is this: I am already dead living this way. There is nowhere to run. As long as the Gate remains open, Samael and his Souls will find me.`


Opinion: It has been years since I read Prophecy of the Sisters – the first in the series – and anxiously wanted to know the conclusion. I have now finally reached it, and am pleased to say I was not disappointed. Michelle Zink doesn’t fail to deliver and Circle of Fire was no exception.

The plot continued with the same twists and turns I have come to expect; things being where Lia didn’t expect them and answers given in ways she didn’t see coming. She had to work for the answers though, stopping it from feeling like a convenient solution. With the Souls haunting her sleep, an element of danger was present the whole way through. The tension developed with the book, making it a real page-turner by the end.

But for the first time, I didn’t like Lia for a lot of Circle of Fire. She seems to spend it fighting sleep and being exhausted – been there, done that in the second book – Guardian of the Gate – do not need it again – or kissing Dimitri. The ruin of her friendships made her hard to feel empathy for, especially her refusal to forgive. Thankfully, this did not stem the entire book and by the time the prophecy is coming to a close, Lia was likeable enough again that you wanted her to succeed.

Zink’s development of relationships was rewarding, especially for a young adult book. She broke away from the love triangle that permeates young adult novels and instead had Lia accepting she was not the same person, could not love in the same way and had moved on. It felt realistic and refreshing, adding maturity and depth to Lia’s character that a love triangle would have destroyed.

The danger created the pacing, for a lot of the book talks about sleep. Numerous people from Lia’s past arrive, which felt a little too convenient most of the time, but nonetheless worked and gave a feeling of closure – everything is coming to an end and those involved from the beginning will see it to the final moments. Perhaps an easy way out, but Zink gets away with it.

Circle of Fire is not as strong as the previous two, but is still a very satisfying conclusion to what has been a thoroughly enjoyable trilogy. Full of magic, danger and romance, I would definitely recommend Prophecy of the Sisters – an intriguing trilogy of novels!

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