Book V Kindle

Book V Kindle 1

Book or kindle?

Kindle or book?

Hard or digital copy?

When it comes to choosing how we want to read, there are a number of options open to us now compared to 20 odd years ago. The development of the e-book revolutionised the book market. Some think for better, others for worse.

Does it really change how we read? In short: yes.

Book V Kindle 2

Despite the e-book having its moment, the trend is now passing and the sale of hard copies is on the rise compared to digital copies. A survey showed that despite the easy access of the kindle and other e-book services, people are more inclined now to pick up a hard copy than they are an electronic device. Books have always been escape from the world and having a tablet or a kindle in your hand keeps you grounded in the here and now rather than letting you drift away to another world.

Now, before we go any further, I have a kindle. And I use it, a lot.

Personally, I do prefer a hard back copy. I love the feel of the paper in my hands, the smell of books – old and new. I also love how frantically I can try and turn a page when a book really excites me, a sensation that is lost on the kindle – jabbing at a button certainly does not have the same effect.

But I have a long commute. Meaning I get through an awful lot of books – on average about two a week, sometimes three. I get as many as I can from the library (I can’t afford to keep up with my reading habits!), but there are times when the library lets you down. I tend to read thick books, so do not have the space for physical copies. Downloading a book the night before having realised I’m out of things to read is so beneficial.

About six months ago, I discovered netgalley. Without a kindle (or other e-book device), having access to these books would be impractical. Again, especially with the amount I request and read. Without netgalley, I would have never been able to keep up with the amount of reading material I need to get me through the journeys each week.

Book V Kindle 3That being said, my heart is still with a hard copy. I don’t protest with carrying the weight of the book – and when I look around the train, neither do a lot of people. If I can get hold of something as a physical copy, then I will every time. There is just something about the feel of an actual book.

I think there are pros and cons to both. It works for me being able to switch between them simply because of my personal circumstances. I did go for almost two years without touching my kindle though, so it literally depends on what I need at the time.

How about you? Do you have a preference between a book or kindle? Let me know!


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5 thoughts on “Book V Kindle

  1. Kindle all the way! Feel as though I am the only person who actually prefers the feel of kindle over a printed book. No need for light or the annoyance holding the book so pages don’t flip over. And all my books are in one space, how wonderfully convenient.


    • Ahh, unfortunately I don’t have a light on my kindle. I’m half and half to be honest, depends what I’m doing and what mood I’m in! Thanks for the comment!


  2. I prefer the physical book always, preferably trade paperbacks. They are light but have quality paper most times. I’ve recently started reading more e-books because I discovered Overdrive and got excited. Now I can borrow e-books from my library.


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