Film Review: Minions

Minions 1

Minions 2Plot: Without a master, the Minions have nothing. No hopes, no ambitions and nothing to do other than pass time away and wait for someone to help. But one Minion has had enough. Kevin dares to dream big and decides to venture out of their cave in order to find an evil mastermind to serve!

Joined by Stuart and Bob, they dare to go where no minion has gone before. They cross land and sea to compete to serve the greatest supervillain there is. But what should a Minion do when their new mistress turns on them? Can they survive?


Minions 3

Quote: `I’m going to get all my favourite villains to sign my magazine! Scarlet Overkill! If I was a minion, that’s who’d I want to work for!`


Opinion: This review is hardly going to follow normal patterns. It’s a little awkward to talk about acting, or characterisations when dealing with a film like this. Pure chance and chance alone led me to watch the Minions film. I wasn’t that taken with Despicable Me the first time, watched it again a few weeks ago and loved it. So, the only natural progression was to give this one a go, and I loved it.

Full of utter silliness and full of famous voices is the best way I can describe this film. From Geoffrey Rush to Jennifer Saunders, Sandra Bullock to Jon Hamm. Considering the success of the original films, it is hardly surprising everyone wanted to jump on the bandwagon. Bullock was especially fun; you could practically hear in her voice how much enjoyment she was having voicing a crazy supervillain that just wants to be a princess.

On a more technical – and perhaps serious – note, the film is extremely well put together. The graphics and effects are entertaining and the success of Despicable Me ensured there was a budget big enough to make this film seamless. And as far as characterisation and such goes, I guess Kevin, Bob and Stuart all overcome a few hurdles during their epic adventure.

I didn’t know what to expect when starting this film. I knew it would be random and very silly, but I also wasn’t sure whether I would enjoy it or not. It was medicinal. There was something charming and innocent about the whole thing and when it has been a long week and you’re tired, this film is a perfect way to completely switch off.

I imagine for a lot of people, it’s just too absurd. But for those of my generation, who couldn’t help but enjoy Despicable Me despite knowing it is time to grow out of kids’ films (never!), Minions is a perfect way to relax and just let real life wash away for an hour and a half.

If you’re looking for some relaxation or just some simple fun, then I would recommend this film. I startled myself with how much I enjoyed it so if you’re hedging your bets, give it a go. It might surprise you!

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