Book Review: Way Walkers: Tangled Paths

Tangled Paths 1

Tangled Paths 2

Plot: Jathen is a moot; a dragon in a human body and unable to shift. But he is more than that; he’s the Crown Prince and until his uncle starts to respect rather than shun him, Jathen must fight for his birth-right. Only, he isn’t yet sure if he even wants to become king.

Invited on an adventure by friends-turned-father-figures, Jathen tries to discover himself. But along the way, he finds more than that. He discovers friendship, uncovers love and begins to find happiness. Nothing can last though, and Jathen must discover his true power if he is to survive.


Tangled Paths 3

Quote: `”Confront him with what? Teenage angst? Not to be cruel, boy, but have some ruddy common sense!”


Opinion: This is without doubt the best book I have read for a long time. At least, the best new book. Leigh knows how to get into your soul and manipulate every emotion until you both laugh out loud and cry. Which is a great reaction to a book, no doubt, unless you are doing it in the middle of a commuter train at rush hour. Awwwwwkward.

The plot was genius. There was such imagination into the creatures that were being portrayed; they had all the characteristics of being human, then something would happen that would remind you they weren’t. Adventure, love, friendship, finding where you belong… it had it all. I was honestly swept up in the world that Leigh created. You could picture the cities and the people and share in Jathen’s desire to fly overcoming all his other senses.

The characters were incredible. And SUCH characters they were, making me laugh and cry alike. When it came to character development, Jathen went further than I have read for a while. But it was realistic, subtle and it worked. It was only looking back at the beginning you realise how much he matures rather than it being forced upon the reader as you go.

Leigh makes you feel for her characters. They have a way of working under your skin and when something happens to them, you feel it. I did – hence the crying on the train! The characters made this book – not a single one annoyed me, which takes some doing with books these days.

The pacing and the tension was perfect. Every time things got a bit heavy, something would break through that. Until the final confrontation that is, as I believe I forgot to breathe for a vast majority of the last part of the book and certainly couldn’t put it down. But the build up worked effectively – tense moments had been broken before and so you felt ready for the finale, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Reading this book restored my faith in transformative stories. It gave me the drive and desire to get back to my own writing as if I could create even a fraction of the marvellous world J Leigh created here, I would be very happy. Definitely a recommendation for this one!

Closest I’ve ever come to giving five stars to a book and literally cannot wait for the second one!



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