Film Review: The Last Witch Hunter

The Last Witchhunter 1

The Last Witchhunter 2Plot: Cursed to live for eternity, Kaulder is the last of the witch-hunters, tracking down those with power and making sure humanity is protected. But when a series of events is put into motion too quickly for his liking, everything Kaulder knew is thrown into question. He can’t trust his allies and must turn to a witch for help.

With a plan afoot to resurrect his oldest enemy, Kaulder must learn what it means to truly be alive if he is going to survive. His immortality is at risk, yet humanity is under threat. Does he have what it takes?


The Last Witchhunter 3

Quote: `I curse you with life. To never know peace. To walk the Earth for eternity. You will never die.`


Opinion: I hoped this film would be my sort of thing, and that I was in for an evening of fun watching it. It wasn’t that it was bad; only far-fetched and again as if the special effects team were given too much licence rather than concentrating on the plot. I’ve seen it all before now.

The premise is simply enough: immortal guy helps hunt witches who might hurt humans. His enemy is resurrected and he needs the help of witches to defeat her. But for some reason, there were a lot of confusing scenes in this film that I have no idea what they did to assist the plot. The whole part with the memory potion seemed nothing more than a ploy to introduce Chloe’s (Rose Leslie) character and then further her ability by showing she was a dream-walker. I never understood what he was searching for.

Yet another film that could have easily been twenty minutes shorter and it wouldn’t have lost anything. The scenes stretched on too long, adding nothing to the plot other than a dose of confusion and undermining the tension.

The characters were very stereotypical. Good witch helps witch-hunter; like we didn’t see that one coming? Kaulder (Van Diesel) cares for her in a way that means he nearly loses everything. Luckily there was only hints at a possible romance – even if he wasn’t immortal, he was still old enough to be her father!

That being said, it wasn’t a bad film. At least, I’ve seen much worse. The acting was strong – Van Diesel, Michael Caine and Elijah Wood combined meant there was no shortage of talent – and the effects were well done even if over the top on occasions. There was significant character development and enough tension that I properly watched the final battle rather than only half paying attention. If a film can hold my interest these days, that means it is scoring points.

I only wish it had been shorter with more attention placed on the plot rather than the effects. Scenes could be cut, others explained and the whole thing would be a lot stronger. It’s frustrating watching a potentially excellent film and seeing it full short of the mark.

Not for you if you want to be genuinely entertained.

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