Dear Diary… Where to Next?

Dear Diary

This was supposed to be a novel post this week, but due to the unfortunate fact that I haven’t written any for months, that has been put on hold until next month. So here is my second diary style post for a quick recap of what has been going on.

Not a lot is the simple answer; everything has somehow turned into a blur of things going wrong and time going too fast.

Dear Diary April

The exciting thing is that it was my birthday last weekend. While that in itself isn’t that exciting, it does mean that I am now the proud new owner of a tablet. I am actually writing this post on the train on the way to work having just finished writing a review. I have a long journey and as much as I love reading and will still use the time to get through my books, I am hoping to be able to use it more productively and get some of my writing done. It is why I am hoping to get the novel post done next month as I would have been able to catch up a little by using this journey as writing time.

To be honest, this post is hard to write because things haven’t been great lately.  I am having trouble with several aspects of life at the moment and writing up the posts for the blog is pretty much the only thing keeping me going because it’s the only thing I can control.  There are so many sites that I try to keep updated and this is literally the only one I am succeeding with. Not a nice feeling.

There is a plus side though. Knowing how out of control things are means they can only improve. I am trying to use my time after work to improve certain situations and I am hoping now I have the tablet, it will help. Being able to utilise time is so important to me, so hopefully this will make the difference.  If I can relax, it might help with some of the health problems. Told you there was a lot going on at the moment!

I have also been fortunate over the last few days that I seem to be getting some of my inspiration back. It’s a lot easier to write when the words are flowing, so if I can get a few birthday fanfictions written, it’s going to leave me open to work on the novel. This might just be positive thinking, but that is all I have right now so that is what I am going to cling too.

I apologise for how down this post seems to be, it certainly was not what I was intending. It’s just made me realise that planning isn’t enough anymore,  I actually need to do something to sort my life out. Fingers crossed that the next time I am writing get one of these, I am going to have some more positive things to say!

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