Film Review: Inside Out

Inside Out 1

Inside Out 2Plot: Riley has had a happy childhood and her emotions couldn’t be more in balance. But when the family moves away and she must learn to face new challenges, things go array. How can Joy, Sadness, Anger and Disgust stay in harmony when everything is unravelling around them?

When Joy and Sadness are trapped in the deeper parts of Riley’s mind, real life becomes unbearable. Joy has to find her way back to the control centre, but the route is not easy. She must face hidden truths and come to terms with it not always being her show to run.


Inside Out 3

Quote: Sadness…Mom and Dad… The team. They came to help…because of Sadness.


Opinion: This film made me cry. I don’t care what people say about getting too old for children’s films, this one hit me and it hit me hard. I hope for the sake of children they just got the sheer entertainment and imagination behind the film. For me, it touched a few personal notes and made me wonder what goes on in my head.

The characterisations are stereotypical (in an awesome way as otherwise they wouldn’t work), but that’s just it… they work. There is nothing annoying about Joy or depressing about Sadness because they work in moderation. I can’t explain the characters without just trying to describe emotions – which they are – so yeah… They just work and let’s leave it at that.

The plot is so much more than just how emotions see or control things. It’s about learning one is not more powerful or better than another, but they are all needed. No matter what, there is a balance of emotions in us all and they are all needed for us to grow through life. Forgetting and moving on isn’t a bad thing, but we must look at things clearly rather than through rose-tinted glasses.

The film is designed for a children’s audience and as such, is great fun. It’s full of imagination (literally) and several moments of humour and innocence that made me grin. It’s one of those children films that give you warm and fuzzy feelings, although I am curious to see what a young child would take from it with their outlook on the world.

I feel like this isn’t so much a review as a pep talk to myself. Maybe it is because I am going through awkward times in my own life, but this one genuinely got me thinking. About how it is okay to cry, how bad memories become good ones, happiness and sadness work together to make us whole… There is so much I could draw from this film. I believe if I watched it a year ago, it wouldn’t have had the same impact – although I’m sure I would have still thoroughly enjoyed it. It was an eye opener and made me think.

This is a rubbish film review because the messages of the film caught me so much. All I can say is go and watch it!

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