Film Review: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Scott Pilgrim 1

Plot: Scott Pilgrim has girl trouble. Big time. He’s met the girl of his dreams, and it’s not the seventeen-year-old that he is currently dating – they’ve even got as far as holding hands! But plucking up the courage to dump his girlfriend is the least of Scott’s worries.

His new new girlfriend has exes. Seven of them, in fact. Who have made up a league to kill Scott because he is now going out with Ramona. If Scott has any chance of winning her heart, he must defeat these evil exes, gamer’s style and deadly. Why couldn’t dating be simple?

Scott Pilgrim 2

Quote: `When I’m around you, I kind of feel like I’m on drugs. Not that I do drugs. Unless you do drugs, in which case I do them all the time. All of them.`


Opinion: I have seen a lot of films over the last few years. Some good, some bad, a lot of mediocre ones. This one, however, may have become the singly worst film I have ever seen. To the point where I was staring at the screen in a horrified trance for some parts, unable to believe what I was seeing. It moved past bad into the realms of hilarity though, so I kept watching just to see how bad it would get.

The plot was relatively simple: new boyfriend must defeat exes to win girl’s heart, despite being awful at romance himself. Straight-forward, right? No. Far from it. Perhaps the film would have been more enjoyable if I was a gamer – or even had any interest in gaming whatsoever – as that was the style of his fights.

The characters…ah, to get me started on the characters. Scott Pilgrim is the biggest waste of space of a character ever to occupy my screen. To be fair, I think that was the point of it that he was so useless. But when the plot has already horrified you with the sheer silliness of it, you want something to keep you engaged. Scott, however, is not that something considering I wanted to punch him most of the time and certainly do not see why he was supposed to be so lucky with girlfriends!

I guess the acting was okay. It must have been an awkward one to film due to how the plot unfolds and the far-fetched nature of the fights with gaming references the whole way through. I can imagine the cast had a hilarious time doing it. Having Anna Kendrick in it saved the film as she can do no wrong for me at the moment. Actually, no. Nothing saved it.

Credit where credit is due, I didn’t turn it off. Mainly because it had moved past the point of bad into the realm of complete and utter disbelief that something like this was even made. So I guess it beat some films I’ve watched of late even if for that reason alone. But yeaaaaah, I definitely would recommend skipping this one if you value your sanity!

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