Personal Post: Novel Progress (May)

Novel Progress 2

Last month, I had no choice but to delay this post because I hadn’t touched the novel for weeks and there was literally nothing to report other than saying I couldn’t write. Then I went and bought my tablet, started utilising train journeys and suddenly, progress is coming along in leaps and bounds.

Novel Progress 1

I hoped I would have good news by this post. Well, in a way I do. I entered the Hodderscape open submission competition last year and am pleased to say that I’m down to the final few submissions and still in the running. The results were supposed to be back by now so I would know what an actual publisher thought of my novel (eep!) but unfortunately not. Still, to not be dismissed in the first few weeks and to know someone in the publishing industry liked it enough to pass it along for second reads is certainly a massive confidence boost.

Since I began writing on the train, I have managed to write about a thousand words in one go each time. It’s not about the quantity but the quality, I know, and some of the auto-corrects my tablet tries are utterly hilarious. But you can’t edit a blank page and this has really worked to start moving the story forward. For at least a month, I was trapped with a particular scene where all I seemed to be doing was tinkering rather than progressing the story. Now a couple of major events have happened that I’ve been building up to for a long time – exciting!

I worry with my writing that I ramble. I don’t know whether it is sitting on the train or because I am writing on a tablet, but I feel lately like I’m moving the story forward with every word that I write rather than dancing around the point. While I don’t yet know how this is going to read in regards to continuity with the rest of the story, it feels like a good thing now. Why spend the time writing if you’re not actually moving things on?

My character is firmly in my head most of the time these days, which makes writing so much easier. The part I am working on currently has a little bit of an explosion with characters, and some pretty major players are about to be introduced. I’m quite excited about getting to write them properly, so I just hope it all comes together when I need it to. There are going to be some conflicting personalities in this next part, which is going to make it either interesting or fantastic fun to write – I’m personally hoping for the later.

I guess my main point for this post is that there is steady progress. For the first time in months, I’m writing every week even if I’m not getting much done at home. To know that it is moving forward and each word is a word closer to achieving my dreams is definitely satisfying.


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