Film Review: Green Lantern

Green Lantern 1

Green Lantern 2Plot: Responsible is certainly not a word used to describe Hal Jordan. But for a reason unknown to him, the ring on a dying alien’s finger decides he is the next Green Lantern – one of the peacekeepers of the galaxy.

While Hal works out whether he can handle a destiny such as this, evil begins to stir. It emerges in the form of fear and is strong enough to destroy even the legendary Green Lanterns. With Earth under threat, Hal must decide once and for all what type of man he is, and accept it is alright to be afraid.


Quote: `You know, we have a saying on Earth. We say: “I’m only human.” We say is because we’re vulnerable, we say it because we know we’re afraid, but it doesn’t mean we’re weak. Help me save my planet. Don’t give in to fear. Fight it. Fight it with me.`


Opinion: I heard this was a Marmite type film – you either love it or hate it. I ended up somewhere in-between – tolerating but nothing more. It was foolish, silly and with enough morals to stop it being daft, but when you’re exhausted after a long week, it worked.

The plot was typical of science-fiction. Humans discover they aren’t the only ones in the galaxy and lo and behold, the enemy is heading straight for Earth and everything will be destroyed unless one who is destined for more discovers his true potential. It doesn’t score any points on originality, apart from the power coming from pure Will and being used to fuel their power. That is new – and cool at the same time.

The characters were also predictable. A hero formed from a rash and cocky man who doesn’t accept responsibility but now must save the world. He has the girl and the geeky side-kick. The enemy is someone he knows, who undergoes his own transformation into a supervillain to prove a threat to the hero. I could be describing anything! The dialogue between the characters was interesting though and helped keep the film engaging.

I can see why people might hate this film. There is nothing original about it. The tension was lacking spectacularly due to the predictability of the film and while the acting was okay, there were no outstanding performances that made you want to laugh or cry. I lacked empathy for the characters because nothing truly connected me to them. I did, however, stay engaged with the film the whole way through and didn’t feel like it dragged too much. Some films you feel every moment, whereas this kept moving for me.

All in all, it certainly wasn’t the best film that I’ve seen. But given how many I’ve turned off lately, it also wasn’t the worst. There is no true depth and it is rather silly, but if you’re looking just to be entertained for an evening without thinking too much, then it’s worth a shot – even just for Mark Strong painted as a purple alien.

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